The Path Forward
February 7th, 2022
Bring me that horizon...
Bring me that horizon...

The hard part is over… we have received a strong signal from our community that there is a place in the NFT world for Turf.

Since October we’ve worked tirelessly to prepare all of the necessary assets, design, smart contracts, and community to support our launch. Suffice it to say minting far exceeded our expectations. If there was any doubt that Turf had a future, that has been effortlessly dissolved.

Now we turn our attention to the long path forward. We spent most of our post launch fixing any issues that arose in our collection. We believe that we have squashed all major bugs (if you find any typos or graphic issues) please don’t hesitate to reach out to a team member.

In the next few days we will update the meta data filters on opensea to make search more intuitive.

That’s not to say that work hasn’t already begun on our next major update…

The Turf platform

It was always the intent of our minting to generate the funds to create a small (but mighty) software development team. Of the mint, 16.75% was split amongst our 4 member team and the other 83.25% was placed in a pool to pay for all necessary resources to develop the Turf platform.

Turf will be a chat app which uses the genesis plots as its core visualization. This will be a place of exploration, communal gathering, and conversation. Upon these plots community members will appear as their favorite PFPs and owners will have control over various utilities.

Our near term goal is to visualize the map. We aim to have an alpha version out in the next few weeks. Map visualization lays the foundation for all of the cool features that we want to build on top.

Examples of future features:

  • Plot management
  • Plot customization
  • Map visualization
  • Plot interiors
  • Chatting
  • 3rd party avatar support
  • Mini games

Heres some graphics to show what we have in mind for the design of the alpha.

Turf Map Foundation
Turf Map Foundation
Plot Info
Plot Info

Plans for Supporting our Loyal Community

During our launch we created several ways for our most loyal members to show their support for the project (Founders passes, Turf Objects, and Power Plants). We have not forgotten about you and intend to make good on the promise of rewarding you for your participation - without which Turf would not have been possible.

In the near term we have a way to selectively reward some through a raffle. The ultimate goal would be to create a mechanism to reward the whole. For now I’ll just leave you with a hint… Turfy Minty may have a cousin named Gifty.

Power Plants Initiative

Our power plant initiative raised 196ETH (insane) that will be gifted to a charity of our community’s choosing. We realized that this is quite a large sum of crypto. For this reason we have adjusted our schedule slightly. Originally we were going to hold a vote, simple as that. Instead, we want to reach out to the the five candidate charities and get more details on how they plan to use the funds. This will better enable us all to understand how it will be utilized.

Power plants will have special utility within the Turf ultraverse - hint… buildings need power.

3 Hurrahs for our Fantastic Developer Community

Community members have been hard at work churning out some fantastic 3rd party sites that showcase the Turf plots in all of their glory. We see you and love what you are doing! We want to figure out ways to support your efforts. Please keep them coming, we don’t think of these as competitors to what we want to build but as alternate-turf universes. Perhaps a day will come when we can link all of our plumbing together.

Final Thoughts

The future of Turf will not be decided in days or weeks. This is a project that we intend to span years. We are just as eager as everyone else to see things be built and rolled out. We hope you’ll stick around to see what we make because we know that it will be special and meaningful.

Michael, Keith, Doug, and theOG

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