Turf Charity Vote
February 28th, 2022

Through a partnership with Endaoment and the sale of our coveted Power Plants we’ve raised $529k USD (not too shabby). 100% of this money will be gifted to an environmental cause(s) of our communities choosing. This article is meant to set the stage for that decision.

Endaoment provided a list of candidate charities and we reached out to six of them to request gift allocation details - two responded. We’ve done everything in our power to hail the other four but believe that it’s time to get this pile of green rolling.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 1, 2022), we will be providing a place on the Turf discord for all Landlords to vote! See the #city-council channel. Voting will remain open for 24 hours.

Charity 1: Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch resists the destruction of the Amazon by challenging disastrous development projects that threaten Indigenous peoples and their ancestral territories. They support and promote Indigenous-led alternative solutions to climate change, natural resource extraction, and industrial development.

Allocation Outline:

$164,000 USD establishes a complete solar installation for 14 indigenous villages with 1,215 inhabitants. Power infrastructure is key to protecting the territory, reporting on threats and preventing further encroachments, while also providing clean energy to the community. This P2P project is currently slated to generate 28KW and serve the entire village. There will be batteries installed to ensure steady energy supply.

$100,000 USD covers convening, travel, and mobilization expenses for Indigenous women activist leadership. Support from the Turf community will fund in-county and cross-country travel for mobilizations in Ecuador on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2022 to support national convenings, become trained in campaigning tolls and strategies to defend the rainforest, and help launch economic empowerment projects for Indigenous women.

Charity 2: Coalition for Rainforest Nations

Coalition for Rainforest nations assists tropical governments, communities and peoples responsibly manage their rainforests. Healthy rainforests protect against a changing climate, generate needed biodiversity and provide safe habitats. Launched by Coalition members in 2005, the United Nation’s REDD+ Mechanism, designed to incentivize conservation and contribute to the battle against climate change, now includes around 90% of the world’s remaining rainforests. A first in human history! But, it’s only the beginning. To succeed, rainforests must be valued more alive than dead!

Allocation Outline:

CfRN Policy Support Program – CfRN seeks to strengthen its in-country policy support teams. CfRN has worked on policy since our founding in 2005. When we started, forest conservation was not part of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and rainforest countries were not included in negotiations. CfRN catalyzed change by organizing a coalition of over 50 nations and insisting that deforestation be part of climate negotiations.

CfRN Capacity Building Program – Seeking additional funds to conduct technical training through a hybrid model– in-person and online. There is now demand and a need to resume and accelerate our capacity building work. After the Paris Agreement was ratified, the next step was to help rainforest countries meet requirements to measure and verify emission reductions. In order to qualify for REDD+, countries must submit highly technical reports to map forests, measure greenhouse gas inventories, and verify emission reductions. CfRN provides technical training so rainforest countries can qualify for performance-based payments under REDD+. Our approach is to help rainforest nations build their own capacity to do technical work. We also connect rainforest countries in different parts of the world so they can help each other. 2022 Opportunity – CfRN seeks to boost its team of technical experts in order to provide training and support to about 10 additional rainforest countries.

Roadmap to End Deforestation – Launching this year, the Roadmap to End Deforestation will result in a detailed report and broader vision of what it will take to rapidly end and reverse global deforestation. At this point, CfRN knows a lot about how to stop deforestation but more clarity is needed to accomplish this worldwide by 2030. Papua New Guinea, which has already reduced emissions substantially under REDD+, will be used as a test case. What will it take to end and reverse deforestation in PNG and scale those efforts globally? Working with a team of partners, CfRN aims to provide detailed answers and a renewed platform for conservation action through the Roadmap to End Deforestation.

Bonus Charity 3: Hope for Ukraine

In recent days Ukraine has become under siege. We started a second initiative which raised $23k gifted to Hope for Ukraine. We would also like to add this charity for consideration to the final vote. This organization provides basic necessities to children, families, and soldiers displaced by the conflict in Ukraine.

Final Considerations

$529k is a lot of money and both organizations that responded would be happy to receive a small portion. Suffice it to say that even a small portion will go a long way. Thank you all for participating in this experiment. We’re overjoyed to know that we’re making a difference and its all to your help as a community!

The Decision

We are putting forth the following options for gift allocation. If you are a landlord you may cast your vote in the #city-council channel via emoji. Please only make a single selection. Voting will be open for 24 hours.

  • A. 100% - $529k to Amazon Watch
  • B. 100% - $529k to Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN)
  • C. 50%/50% - $264.5k to Amazon Watch / $264.5k to CfRN
  • D. 47.3%/47.3%/4.7% - $250k to Amazon Watch / $250k to CfRN / $29k to Hope for Ukraine
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