Turf Power Plants and YOU!
February 1st, 2022

As we take our first tenuous steps into this vast world of NFTs and Crypto, we here at Turf HQ realize that we’re also placing a heavy foot print upon (meat-space) mother nature. Any Geographer worth their weight in soil will tell you to leave no trace behind. To this end we have decided to begin our epic adventure with an environmental initiative - one that is more than simply symbolic.

Turf Blok Reactor MK-0
Turf Blok Reactor MK-0

100% of Profit Goes to an Environmental Cause

NFTs are massively fun but we also acknowledge that they do come at a cost. While we know that many fantastic advancements are taking place that will mitigate the overall environmental impacts (proof of stake, sharding, etc) we want to do our part so that our children’s children can enjoy a great big beautiful tomorrow.

Turf will be powered by clean and sustainable Blok reactor technology. How does said tech work? It’s quite simple…

There are 40 special plots added to the Turf genesis city which are power plants. Working with our partner Endaoment these plants will be sold via Dutch auction on OpenSea. 100% of the profit generated by these auctions will be donated to an environmental cause of our community’s choice.

When: Friday - February 4, 2022

Price: Dutch Auction - 5eth to 0.25eth over 2 days

Where: OpenSea

Who is Endaoment?

Endaoment is a tax-exempt California Public Benefit Corporation, based in San Francisco, that has partnered with various prominent creators in the past to facilitate charitable giving of cryptocurrencies and the adoption of cryptocurrency technologies by nonprofit organizations.

We discovered them through their fantastic outreach and have confidence in their ability to execute on our environmental initiative. It was important to us to select a partner that has a reputation for providing resources in the most effective manner possible.

Which Causes are Being Considered?

We want everyone to have the chance to participate in the decision making process so we will ask discord-city-council to vote. Our goal is to empower the Turf community to select the most impactful organization that meets our collective vision.

Endaoment has provided us with a list of ten causes that fit our initial requirements. As a team we reviewed all of their options and whittled it down to a short list of five. Our criteria: did the org’s vision feel purposeful, did we believe our funds would make an impact, and how did charitynavigator score them. We invite you to read through their material and vote on which is the best option for us.

We are also open to suggestions for other options, so feel free to discuss and direct our attention via our discord!

Do the Power Plants Have Additional Benefits?

Rewarding our most loyal members is fundamental to the spirit of Turf. Holding a power plant will yield additional rewards - but at this moment we are keeping mum about the specifics. (hint: they’re basically treated like founders pass rewards).

Thank You!

The Grand Geographer Abides
The Grand Geographer Abides

Your attention is massively valuable to us and we appreciate that you have taken the time to read this far! We hope that this is the first step of many toward helping the world become a better place.

In the sage words of the Grand Geographer… Go forth, dare mighty things - and above all else - stay curious.

Michael, Keith, Doug, and theOG

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