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Welcome to the interesting and completely upside down world of the open edition burn meta. By now you have either joined our ranks or are looking at this with morbid curiosity. Well I’m here to explain to you a little bit about what’s going on but not to give away all of the secrets… the mystery is what makes it fun. So sit back and light one up… here we go!

What’s a Turf cartridge?

So it all started simply enough: we held an uncapped open edition mint at a low price to ring the dinner bell. 16387 were minted in a little under 10 hours… what was minted you ask? A bushel of grey plastic OG Proxy cartridges. These are the foundation of our game and if you want to get your mitts on one or two… you’ve got to head to the secondary market.

What are these OG grey tokens good for? Proceed to the next section to find out.

This is the original grey cartridge
This is the original grey cartridge

Tell me what’s the grey cartridge do!?

Ok ok ok, so you’ve got an OG grey cartridge in your hands and you’re wondering if you want to burn it - every day at 1pm EST we open the burn exchange for 24 hours. In phase 1, the choice is as simple as burning your grey plastic proxy cartridge for a different cartridge material. Beware however, the number of existing cartridges you’ll need to burn to acquire a desired material may fluctuate based on the cartridge material and our own whim (as the gamemakers). It won’t always be 1:1 so assuming that you only need one grey cartridge per any given exchange your heart may desire would be silly - ha ha ha ha…

This essential burn exchange goes until we have run through all of our cartridge materials, and then we move on to phase 2… we will let you know when we near the final phase 1 burn.

the Plan
the Plan

Phase 2, that sounds ominous!?

Phase 2 is when we switch from the burn exchange of only grey OG cartridges to the much more thrilling burning of the other phase 1 cartridge materials. Instead of receiving a new material, you’re going to receive the same material but with a different game cover art. These trait combinations will have fun utility in phase 3.

1 ominous ruby proxy cartridge for 1 ruby gawds cartridge
1 ominous ruby proxy cartridge for 1 ruby gawds cartridge

Two things to note:

  • The cost may not be 1 for 1, it can be 2x or more

  • The current schedule is 1 per 24 hours, but this may be up to change

Phase 3…

Phase 3 is the grand mystery of this all. All that we can say about it for now that this is when our modest ‘burn’ game turns into something far greater and more important to the web3 community. The things that are created in phase 1 and 2 will have utility beyond just beautiful art. We can’t wait to share this all with you in due time.

What’s Turf got to do with this?

Turf is our very own web3 ultraverse land that we’ve been slowly building for the last year. We do a lot of our social activities in there and invite you to come join us any time to hang out and strategize all things burning cartridges. Learn about what Turf is here!

Please make sure that you are only using official links, as the web3 world is absolutely crawling with evil doers. You do not want to get caught out - we can not send you a lifeline… we can not come to your rescue if something goes awry.

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Turf Discord - other place to chit chat

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