IQ GPT adds Chat Features

We are thrilled to share that we have added 2 new features to IQ GPT.

  1. The AI assistant has been equipped with conversational capabilities, enabling it to engage in interactive dialogues with the user, including the capacity to pose subsequent inquiries.

  2. It also now has a chat history function which allows users to categorize their interactions, such as creating separate sections for trading and researching.

Launched in August 2023 by, IQ GPT serves as a valuable resource for users seeking real-time and dependable crypto insights from a wide array of sources. Whether you're a crypto enthusiast, a developer, or a trader, IQ GPT simplifies the research process and provides contextually specific content to meet your blockchain knowledge needs.

IQ GPT’s mission is to be the go-to AI-powered search engine and assistant for accurate and relevant crypto information. In a rapidly evolving blockchain landscape, access to trustworthy knowledge is paramount. We're here to facilitate learning, development, and trading in this dynamic space.

IQ GPT, now a part of the IQ ecosystem, unlocks a wealth of knowledge, making your crypto journey smoother. By leveraging the IQ token, IQ GPT provides data from various sources, ensuring you receive the most precise and up-to-date information.

As of our launch, IQ GPT connects with our official partners and reliable source providers, including's extensive content database, The Associated Press News, CoinGecko, Flywheel DeFi, CoinNessInvestHK, and Binance Academy. This diverse set of sources allows IQ GPT to cater to your specific crypto requirements, whether you're researching, developing, or trading.

To access the beta version of IQ GPT at, users can either join the waitlist or start holding and staking IQ tokens for a maintained amount of 100,000 HiIQ for automatic whitelisting.

Our HiIQ Guide

Sign up for the whitelist here.

IQ GPT is still quite new, and the team is constantly pushing new updates, improving the AI assistant.

The proficiency of IQ GPT will only increase as time goes on.

About IQ

The IQ token is a cryptocurrency dedicated to building a more intelligent future through artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The IQ token powers a knowledge ecosystem including applications such as, the world's largest cryptocurrency and blockchain encyclopedia. integrates AI for tasks including summarizing wiki articles. The token is governed by BrainDAO which also includes BrainDAO's treasury of digital assets.

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