Introducing IQ v3: Navigating the Future of Blockchain Knowledge and AI is the World’s Largest Crypto and Blockchain encyclopedia which serves as a hub for crypto knowledge. At, our mission is to educate the world on blockchain technology through the IQ token. In 2023, we’ve focused heavily on exploring and integrating artificial intelligence into the IQ ecosystem building IQ GPT the first AI assistant for blockchain knowledge.

With IQ v3, we plan on continuing to build out the IQ ecosystem. We will be expanding and IQ GPT as well as launching new products like IQ Code, the first AI tool for coding for blockchain languages like Solidity and Vyper and, the first AI-powered hub for crypto news which is already live.

Today also marks the day of IQ token's halving event, which reduces token emissions by half. As with Bitcoin and Ethereum, the halvening will reduce inflation and make the token more sustainable and scarce in the long run.

As part of IQ v3 we will further improve IQ tokenomics. BrainDAO is working on building a new gauges system to improve the utility of the IQ token in decentralized finance. This will also allow hiIQ stakers more governance rights in deciding where IQ emissions get channeled and create new ways for hiIQ stakers to earn even more yield. All of this combined with the halvening will make 2024 a breakthrough year for the IQ token.

IQ Code

IQ Code is an upcoming AI product powered by the IQ token to assist people in coding Solidity and Vyper set to launch in 2024. It is anyone’s ultimate smart contract coding tool and the world’s first AI model tailored specifically for smart contracts. It can act as a Senior Solidity Advisor that will boost coding efficiency and enhance your code quality. The tool also adds a section for explaining how the generated code works and responds using markdown after generating the code. As the first AI model tailored for coding smart contracts, it can be used to audit smart contracts, to create vulnerability reports and to help developers check/code faster. We believe that IQ Code is the key to smarter, faster, and more secure smart contract development. Furthermore, the BrainDAO team is working on building a new LLM for smart contract coding.

Effortless Coding: IQ Code is designed to assist you in coding smart contracts seamlessly. Whether you're a veteran developer or just starting, it helps you write efficient and secure code with ease.

In-Depth Explanations: After generating code, IQ Code goes the extra mile by adding a comprehensive section explaining how the generated code functions, along with responses in Markdown. This feature is meant to educate the users making it easier to troubleshoot and improve in understanding coding.

Security Audits: IQ Code can also be used as a security auditing tool when it comes to auditing smart contracts and creating vulnerability reports. IQ Code is able to compete with other leading security-focused ranking platforms with its deep understanding of Solidity and Vyper. It assists users in identifying potential security vulnerabilities, ensuring that the contracts are ironclad.

Your own Advisor: IQ Code can act as a personal senior advisor for all things Solidity and Vyper. It is designed to guide the user through the complexities of smart contract development, offering insights and expertise that years of experience could provide.

AI developer/programmer tool: Similar to GitHub Copilot, IQ Code assists developers with general coding tasks. It is meant to understand your intentions and provide code suggestions and explanations as the user codes.

Today, we are very excited to announce the official launch of is an AI-Powered Hub for Crypto News and Insights where the articles are driven and voted by HiIQ stakers. It is an AI-powered social forum that's set to change the way the users stay informed about the fast pace, ever-evolving industry of crypto and blockchain. Much like Reddit, aims to be the one-stop shop for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related content.

AI Summarization: utilizes artificial intelligence to summarize blockchain and crypto-related articles from the most reputable sources.

Automated Insights: articles are voted by IQ stakers to deliver relevant key insights while utilizing artificial intelligence to summarize the respective articles. Each article is carefully summarized, allowing users to read the essential details without sifting through lengthy articles.

Stay Ahead of the Industry: aims to assist users stay ahead in the dynamic cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Users are able to discover breaking news, market trends, and groundbreaking innovations, all in one place through without searching through multiple sources.

Your Compass to navigate the World of Crypto: IQ GPT & AIQChatBot

In August 2023, and BrainDAO launched IQ GPT, the world's first AI-powered assistant designed for blockchain knowledge. It is designed to transform the way users in the industry explore, learn, and gain insights in the crypto space.

Upon its launch, IQ GPT saw an overwhelming amount of positive responses from IQ holders and the blockchain community. IQ GPT is an AI assistant that ensures reliability, which gives the users the ability to access a wealth of information from various sources.

IQ GPT integrated contents and data sets from reliable platforms such as's extensive database, DeFiLlama, Frax Docs, Binance Academy, DeFi Protocol Documentations, The Associated Press News, CoinGecko, Flywheel DeFi, BlockBeats, InvestHK and CoinNess, making it a one-stop-shop for blockchain knowledge.

DeFiLlama is IQ GPT’s most recent integration. DefiLlama is an aggregator of Total Value Locked (TVL) in the decentralized finance (DeFi) field. They offer data on cryptocurrencies, encompassing current price levels, along with TVL information for various DeFi sectors such as decentralized exchanges (DEXs), lending protocols, yield farming operations, staking pools, DeFi insurance, and other related products.

For traders, IQ GPT is able to assist with queries related to arbitrage, technical analysis, historical data analysis, and provide insight on new tokens and trading volumes. DeFi Enthusiasts are able to maximize their yield farming endeavors with IQ GPT by optimizing their strategies through the queries they input into IQ GPT. Users are able to receive answers on where to stake and claim rewards based on gas prices, metrics on existing or new pools. For those diving deep into the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency, IQ GPT offers optimized analysis and information on blockchain. With a simple query, anyone is able to get quick, concise and reliable answers on queries about founders, projects, tokens, exchanges and anything blockchain-related.

Furthermore, the BrainDAO team has introduced the AIQChatBot, specifically designed to support Telegram and Discord communities involved in cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFTs, and related topics. Our vision extends beyond this as we’re already building a version of AIQChatBot for dapps and websites like decentralized exchanges, DeFi applications, cryptocurrency projects, NFT projects, data platforms and more. The launch for the AIQChatBot UI is imminent, and we've already secured some exciting partnerships!

Our vision for IQ GPT has just begun. Our aim is to evolve IQ GPT into an indispensable AI tool for everyone in the crypto/blockchain industry, much like the Bloomberg terminal has become a cornerstone for the financial industry. Stay tuned for further developments!’s content and readership have both grown significantly. We now have ranked lists where we cover not only the top cryptocurrencies but also their founders.’s rankings combine CoinMarketCap’s price data with in-depth wiki articles covering top cryptocurrencies and their founders in all categories from stablecoins to AI.

In 2024, we plan to continue to build on’s thousands of articles and integrate our content across the cryptocurrency space. This year, we've established a partnership with Bond Protocol to integrate our wikis into their bond marketplace. Furthermore, many prominent DeFi protocols, including Ramses Exchange, Frax Finance, Lodestar Finance and ZeroLiquid, have integrated their page into their respective landing pages. This is only the start for partnerships, you can expect to see many more partnerships this year.

BrainPass: The gateway to crypto knowledge

To tie all of the dapps in the growing IQ ecosystem together and create greater utility for the IQ token we plan on rolling out BrainPass in 2024. BrainPass will be a subscription service which will allow individuals and organizations to get access to enhanced features for our suite of AI tools, editing on and more.

BrainPass holders will receive access to enhanced features of IQ GPT and IQ Code, as well as editing permissions/additional edits on For IQ GPT these enhanced features would include both higher rate limits like with ChatGPT Plus vs. ChatGPT as well as access to upcoming integrations involving blockchain and cryptocurrency market data. Furthermore, BrainPass holders who are also project team members in the space are eligible for Telegram and Discord bot integrations, which will eventually be gated for projects that stake IQ.

With BrainPass, our mission is to empower the community with the tools and crypto/blockchain knowledge you need to stay ahead of the industry.

Powerful AI Tools: As a BrainPass holder, you are able to build your own code with IQ Code on Solidity and Vyper. This empowers holders who are builders to create, innovate, and experiment with their code.

Early Access to Cutting-Edge Tools and DApps: With BrainPass, holders will be among the first to experience early access to all the latest and upcoming tools and dapps developed by BrainDAO.

AIQChatBot Integrations: For project members, BrainPass offers eligibility for AIQChatBot (Telegram and Discord) integrations. These integrations will be gated in the future for projects that stake IQ.

Enhanced Tokenomics

In October of 2022, the IQIP-14: ‘New IQ Tokenomics for the New Platform’ governance proposal passed with overwhelming support. This proposal and the halvening tokenomics design was made to ensure the rapid growth of the IQ token with the launch of the new site. BrainDAO proposed using the halvening model like Bitcoin and FXS which provides higher initial emissions to incentivize early adopters and gradually lowers emissions to ensure long-term sustainability.

IQ’s halvening model where emissions halve every 12 months is ideal for the IQ ecosystem with the launch of the new products since it heavily incentivizes early adoption and rapid growth. The model has been designed after the Bitcoin and Ethereum halvening model which has shown to work efficiently.

As we start IQ v3, it is important to acknowledge the halvening event on the 1st of November. The halvening will not only allow the IQ token to get adopted faster in the short term it will also be more sustainable in the long run by slowly tapering IQ emissions over several decades as the value of the token grows.

Supply Reduction: The IQ token undergoes a halving event every year, during which the number of new IQ tokens minted is cut in half. This event reduces the rate at which new IQ tokens are minted, slowing down the supply growth. With a reduced supply growth, the available supply becomes scarcer.

Scarcity: The halving reinforces this scarcity, making the IQ token a deflationary asset. As more people recognize its scarcity and potential as a store of value, it can attract more holders.

Historical Halvening Effects: In the past, Bitcoin halvening events have been associated with significant Bitcoin demand and adoption. However, it's essential to note that historical performance doesn't guarantee future results.

Long-Term Confidence: The predictable and transparent nature of the IQ token halving events instills confidence in long-term holders.

To further improve the long-term sustainability of the IQ token, in IQIP-18: ‘IQ Inflation Reduction Act’ with IQ v3 we propose a reduction in the IQ allocation for TWAMM's position-building in stablecoins and blue-chip assets. This reduction would bring the daily allocation down from its current level of 2,166,667 IQ, following the halving, to 2,000,000 IQ per day. The increase in BrainDAO's stablecoin holdings, coupled with the higher-than-expected yields earned by the DAO in 2023, enables the DAO to reduce the inflation concerning the TWAMM. The halving model guarantees that IQ token inflation will halve each year, ensuring that the total supply of IQ remains below the 21 billion IQ token cap.

IQ Gauges

BrainDAO is currently working on a new IQ Gauges system for deciding which projects will receive part of the token emissions. Gauges will create a flywheel effect for the IQ token similar to Curve Wars and how it helped Frax as projects will want IQ to direct emissions to their respective project pairs. Furthermore, IQ Gauges is the first gauge system to integrate a vote market. HiIQ stakers will have the benefit of participating in the integrated vote market on these gauges, and can be incentivized by other projects in bribing HiIQ holders to vote in favor for their projects.

A "gauge" is a smart contract used in cryptocurrency farming. It accepts various types of deposits, such as LP tokens, vault tokens, and NFT positions. In exchange for these deposits, users receive rewards in the form of IQ tokens, and potentially other tokens. Gauge contracts come in different forms, primarily accepting LP tokens, and they are essential for promoting specific strategies and behaviors that benefit the protocol.

These strategies and behaviors can involve increasing liquidity in specific pairs or forming partnerships with other projects. The gauge system particularly benefits HiIQ Stakers and liquidity providers (LPs) who consistently stake their rewards to accumulate HiIQ, thus boosting their influence within the system. Essentially, IQ gauges align the interests of HiIQ holders, giving those with a long-term perspective more say in how IQ emissions are distributed.

Since IQ gauge emissions are fixed and halve annually, governance can decide to allocate part of the protocol's cash flows or IQ tokens to gauge rewards in the future. This assurance encourages HiIQ stakers to lock their tokens longer, as they know the gauge program is there to stay and won't be discontinued. Gauge strategies are crucial for incentivizing the right actions to foster the growth of the IQ ecosystem.

Users who stake their tokens in a gauge contract can earn higher annual percentage rates (APR) based on their HiIQ holdings. Additionally, those who lock their deposited tokens for a specific duration receive an extra boost, allowing them to stack both boosts to maximize their APR.

What are IQ Gauges: IQ Gauges, developed by BrainDAO, are an innovative system aimed at gauging and incentivizing which projects will receive a portion of the IQ token emissions. These gauges are set to create a dynamic flywheel effect for the IQ token, akin to the successful Curve Wars and its impact on Frax.

Benefiting HiIQ Stakers and LPs: The IQ gauge system particularly benefits HiIQ Stakers and liquidity providers (LPs) who consistently stake their rewards to accumulate HiIQ tokens. This strengthens their influence within the ecosystem, aligning the interests of HiIQ holders and providing those with a long-term perspective greater influence over how IQ emissions are distributed. HiIQ stakers can actively participate in this integrated vote market on the gauges. They can also be incentivized by other projects, who may offer incentives to HiIQ holders in exchange for their votes in favor of their projects.

Integrating a Vote Market: IQ Gauges is the first gauges system to integrate a vote market. HiIQ stakers can actively participate in this integrated vote market on the gauges and will be incentivized by other projects, who may offer incentives to HiIQ holders in exchange for their votes in favor of their projects. This introduces a new level of engagement and competition within the IQ ecosystem.

How Do IQ Gauges Work: A "gauge" is a smart contract used in cryptocurrency farming. These contracts accept various types of deposits, including LP tokens, vault tokens, and NFT positions. In return, users receive rewards in the form of IQ tokens and potentially other tokens.

Sustainability and Assurance: IQ gauge emissions are fixed and halve annually, and governance can decide to allocate part of the protocol's cash flows or IQ tokens to gauge rewards in the future. This assurance encourages HiIQ stakers to lock their tokens for up to 4 years, knowing that the gauge program is here to stay and won't be discontinued. Gauge strategies are vital for incentivizing the right actions to foster the growth of the IQ ecosystem.

Maximize Your Rewards: Users who stake in a gauge contract can earn higher annual percentage rates (APR) based on their HiIQ holdings. Additionally, those who lock their deposited tokens for a specific duration receive an extra boost, allowing them to stack both boosts to maximize their APR.


In 2023,’s growth and presence accelerated in Asia and we are committed to continue expanding in Asia following a successful year of growth in 2023.

Some highlights to showcase our commitment in Asia in 2023 include:

Strategic Partnerships: This year, partnered up with InvestHK, the department of the Hong Kong SAR Government responsible for Foreign Direct Investment, and supporting overseas businesses to set up and expand in Hong Kong. This collaboration gives access to the latest news, trends, and case studies showcasing Hong Kong’s burgeoning blockchain environment. This enables efficient research through its leading product, IQ GPT, the AI assistant built for advanced access to blockchain knowledge, utilizing OpenAI’s GPT-4, making it a one-stop shop for both local and international investors seeking industry resources.

BlockBeats also became the first Chinese source of crypto knowledge for IQ GPT. BlockBeats' role as IQ GPT's first Chinese language crypto information source is a testament to the platform's dedication to providing diversified, reliable, and globally relevant data. This partnership will strengthen both organizations' positions in the industry and empower individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency world. BlockBeats and IQ GPT are committed to revolutionizing how knowledge is accessed, making it easier for anyone to stay informed in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency. With this partnership, users can expect an even more streamlined and enriched experience when chatting with IQ GPT in Chinese.

Exchanges: The IQ token was recently listed on Coinone, one of Korea’s largest exchanges, who listed the IQ token with a KRW fiat pair. The new KRW fiat pair will help improve the IQ token’s liquidity and exposure in the South Korean market. Additionally, in 2023 the IQ token saw record volume on Upbit and Binance with several days of over $100 million in volume and even one day that saw $380 million in volume.

Looking ahead to 2024, is excited to continue its efforts to strengthen its footprint in Asia. The company's plans include:

Conferences: actively participated in several conferences throughout Asia including TOKEN2049 in Singapore, Korea Blockchain Week and ETHSeoul. Furthermore, will be participating in upcoming events such as Upbit’s Developer Conference in Seoul, Hong Kong Web3 Month, and Thailand Blockchain Week in Bangkok.

Speaking Panels: Andy Cho, the Director of Business Development at will be speaking at the Hong Kong Web 3 Month and Thailand Blockchain week about and its AI vision.

Events and Workshops: hosted and sponsored networking and knowledge-sharing events and workshops that were well-received by the community.In June, collaborated with Frax Finance and held a networking event for ETHSeoul.

In September, sponsored the Rooftop Builder’s KBBQ event for Korea Blockchain Week with Wonderstruck, Frax Finance, Celestia and Flywheel DeFi. Additionally, sponsored the KBW 2023 Pudgy Korea Side-event. also sponsored the Singapore DeFi Night hosted by Hailstone Labs for Token 2049, featuring renowned projects such as Wombat Exchange, Frax Finance and Stader Labs.

Conference Attendance: An increased presence at conferences and industry events, fostering connections with thought leaders and experts.

Improving Accessibility to IQ: Increasing access to the IQ token by seeking additional listings on exchanges in Asia and globally with more fiat pairs.

Diverse Events: A wider array of events and workshops to empower knowledge sharing, education, and awareness about the IQ ecosystem.

Strategic Partnerships: The pursuit of even more strategic partnerships that enhance the value proposition for our users. is dedicated to promoting the power of AI and Blockchain in relation to knowledge and driving the adoption of IQ in Asia and beyond. Stay updated with our latest developments as we venture into an exciting year of AI and Blockchain.

About IQ

The IQ token is a cryptocurrency dedicated to building a more intelligent future through artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The IQ token powers a knowledge ecosystem including applications such as, the world's largest cryptocurrency and blockchain encyclopedia, IQ GPT, the AI-powered assistant for cryptocurrency and blockchain, and, an AI-powered social forum governed by IQ holders that summarizes crypto-related news. integrates AI for tasks including summarizing wiki articles. The token is governed by BrainDAO which also includes BrainDAO's treasury of digital assets.

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