How to mint an asset in IronFish Incentivized Testnet

The first step, before we start making a mint, we need to look at the name of the node and the name of the graphite - they should have the same name. We will switch on the telemetry and check the status of the node. We need run this command:

ironfish status -f

We are looking at the results:

Iron Fish IC Testnet Phase 3
Iron Fish IC Testnet Phase 3

We see that the parameters of the node is normal.

How do I mint an asset?

You can mint an asset by running the command below:

ironfish wallet:mint

Next you need to write the name of your aset and make up a description and confirm the transaction to write to the blockchain.

After that, we need write transaction amount equal to 0.00000001 $IRON

But if you don't have tokens in your wallet balance - you need to ask for them from the crane. This is a simple command:

ironfish faucet

In another video I'll show you how to send this ready aset to developers address to get additional 200 points.

Checking the balance of the wallet:

ironfish wallet:balance

View list of all wallets:

ironfish wallet:accounts

See what wallet is currently used by node:

ironfish wallet:which

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