About the NFT Collection "A Wizard of Tono"

About the Product

This is a Book NFT collection with various utilities associated with the novel "A Wizard of Tono" (2018, Daisuke Sasaki, NUMABOOKS).

About the Novel

"A Wizard of Tono" is a sci-fi novel about a future in which various technologies born from the Internet are highly developed and embedded in nature. It is set in a "Calm-net" where the Web3.0 world of AI and IoT and the Web3 world of NFT and Metaverse have become commonplace.

This work won the Bronze Award for Best Book Design from all over the World in 2020, but we did not make a digital version of it before. However, with the emergence of NFT as an appropriate medium to express the theme of the work in a way that strongly connects it to the story, we have created a new digital version of the book.

About the Author

Daisuke Sasaki was born in 1980 in Tono, Japan. He has been planning and operating UGC platform for 20 years and publishing his own novels.

About the Utility

  1. By accessing a token-gated website, you can download the e-book in either EPUB, mobi or PDF.
  2. The Book NFT is created with a unique contract called Borrowable NFT. You can be entered on Etherscan in the following order, you can borrow it; Contract -> Write Contract -> Enter Token ID -> Write. Others can borrow books from you, just as if you were actually lending them. The borrower can then access the token-gated website, download the e-book, and read the novel in the same way as the owner. Note that the Book NFT will continue to appear in the owner's wallet while the book is being borrowed, and the borrowed utility will be automatically returned after 24 hours. This represents the free circulation that physical books have without changing the book's owner.
  3. The author is planning to offer other utilities on an irregular basis, which will be an access pass to communities and tickets to upcoming events on Media Nup.
  4. You can use the U Residence located in Tono at a special membership rate of 30% - 40% off.

About the Copyrights

Intellectual property rights to the image files, e-book, and utilities associated with this NFT belong to Daisuke Sasaki and NUMABOOKS. Ownership of this NFT does not imply ownership of such intellectual property rights.


Special Thanks

Hiromi Fujita, Elena Tutatchikova, Yusuke Matsui, Ai Taniguchi, tel, Kosuke Fujitaka, Sumita Bhattacharjee, Takahiro Matsumura, Shu Numae, Taiyo Fujii, Kizen Sasaki, and Kunio Yanagita.

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