About Circles, Sessions and Leaders

Offscript is a participatory event. We try to create an optimal environment for artists and designers to explore their craft, and to collaborate. Circles and Leaders are two concepts that help create this environment.

About Circles

Offscript is designed to help circles of trust and knowledge emerge.

There’s decentralized and then there’s designers in Web3. The image at the top of this page shows an approximation of what the network of designers in Web3 currently looks like, a constellation of stars more than a network of circles. (Image is a graph of the user network of people in the Design in Web3 list.

The largest circle at Offscript is the circle of all attendees, following Dunbar’s number, of 150 attendees. Within this circle, we’re looking to create smaller groups, with an even stronger sense of connection and collaboration. We’re looking to do this because, ultimately we believe a strong design community and culture can help elevate the user experience of Web3.

The program and environment create space for serendipitous interactions, known to promote collaboration. Circles start to develop among the people you met on the bustransfer, during an activity, at your villa, in your workgroup, during dinner, etcetera.

Circles take on a more formal shape on Day 2 of Offscript. On Day 2 there are two breakout rounds of 90’ and 120’ each. In these breakout rounds, we’ll have 4 Circles on Web3 specific themes, and 2 Sessions on personal development planned. See our program. Next to this, there are plenty of areas to break out and spin up other circles.

Both are informal in nature, with Circles following an unconference format. Throughout the event, attendees can leave notes on topics they’d like to discuss.

About Leaders

As a participatory event, Offscript is light on speakers and talks. We refer to speakers as Leaders, because leaders inspire and focus on developing others. To run our Circles and Sessions we’ve invited a group of amazing Leaders to do just that. These are people that are experts in their domain (e.g. Wallets or Infrastructure), and great at facilitating conversations and guiding others.

Between March 31st and April 3rd Offscript will be live, in person, between the beach and rice fields in scenic Comporta, Portugal.

Check out the event website.

Offscript offers 3 sponsorship tiers as well as a scholarship program. All with the opportunity to help elevate design in Web3 and reach a wide network of artists and designers in a memorable way. Please contact us at organizer@web3creatives.com for more details.

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