Calling all creatives in Web3
February 19th, 2022

Between March 31st and April 3rd Offscript will be live, in person, between the beach and rice fields in scenic Comporta, Portugal.

Check out the event website.

Main venue: Quinta da Comporta
Main venue: Quinta da Comporta

What Offscript is

First of its kind, Offscript is an experiential offsite that connects Web3's ecosystem of artists and designers.

Offscript is an invitation to do exactly that. Go off script. Informal, offchain, no-code. Or as @avsa put it:

This isn’t a conference in a big city: instead it’s getting all the creative minds in web3 in the same Villa for an extended weekend.

As an event, Offscript immerses artists and designers in a multi-day resort style experience; hosted at main venue ‘Quinta da Comporta’, along with 10 satellite villas, all within a 3 km (1-2mi) radius. Including shared breakfast, lunch dinner, lodging, adventures, talks, fireside chats, workshops, food, and live creative jams with peers.

Main venue: Quinta da Comporta
Main venue: Quinta da Comporta

What Offscript does

Offscript is designed to help circles of trust and knowledge emerge. Circles that can live on and evolve into close collaboration and (informal) standards that elevate the user experience of Web3.

  • Offscript cultivates meaningful relationships
  • Offscript fosters cross-community collaboration

In addition, Offscript creates a welcoming environment to onboard new designers into an international, remote community. With it’s informal character and abundant break-out opportunities, attendees can just as easily dive into the nuts and bolts of multi-chain wallet standards, as they can dive into a 101 on ENS names.

  • Offscipt onboards new designers and artists to the industry

Lastly, the program and environment are intentionally designed to relax, connect, inspire and guide. Allowing for time and new perspectives to create art and design

  • Offscript introduces a unique environment for creatives to explore their craft
Small break out areas
Small break out areas
Inspiring settings for group discussions
Inspiring settings for group discussions

Why Offscript

It’s about time for designers to have a dedicated event of our own 😊

  • Many designers work as a one-man army. Breaks help prevent burnout
  • Connecting with peers can be constructive, energizing, and boost quality of design
  • Designers finding common standards helps push the industry forward
  • A strong community can have a strong voice to contribute to protocol changes
  • Hiring designers is hard; onboarding more designers to Web3 is a solution

Offscript offers 3 sponsorship tiers as well as a scholarship program. All with the opportunity to help elevate design in Web3 and reach a wide network of artists and designers in a memorable way. Please contact us at for more details.

Offscript is:

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