Announcing: Offscript sponsorship program

First of its kind, Offscript is an experiential offsite that connects Web3's ecosystem of artists and designers.

Offscript brings together creatives in Web3. It’s where you:

  • Find your next hire
  • Grow the Web3 creative community around your project
  • Expose your product to the next generation of creative talent
  • Send your designers to recharge, connect, and develop their skills

We passionately believe that a strong creative (design) community is key to advancing Web3 UX. If you share our conviction, we invite you to seed our mission through sponsorship of Offscript.


Please contact us at for details.

About the artworks - by Gab Micheletti

These artworks are dedicated to the Seed, Flora, & Arvore sponsors who have pledged their support to Offscript.

The art is inspired by the value of a sense of place for creatives — incorporating cartographic practice recalling the event's location in coastal Portugal, plus material elements reminiscent of gemstones, diamonds, and the compass giving us north stars in design. And as a nod to the inner life of designers, these pieces serve to remind us of the importance of honoring the space to make strokes in our work that embrace the imperfections of artistic expression: less perfection, more flow, more art.

Made with Cinema 4D, Mapbox Studio, Processing Noise& Gradient Generator, and Adobe Photoshop.

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