Announcement: Offscript NFT Crowdseed

Wednesday Feb 23, at 15:00 CET our NFT Crowdseed will go live at

With the Offscript NFT Crowdseed you can:

  • Show your support for, and interest in Offscript
  • Buy a beautiful art work by @tasty_plots —Check out samples of the Collection below
  • Get a discount of 10%, 25%, 40% or 100%

How does it work

You’ll need a funded Ethereum wallet that can interact with dapps. If you don’t have this set up, please join our Discord or DM @offscript9 on Twitter for support

  • Offscript NFT’s are sold at a set price of 0.03 ETH (ca. $80USD)
  • Go to
  • Connect your wallet and hit Mint
    • Sign a transaction for 0.03 ETH (plus gas). Verify the contract address! It should be: 0xe943A95D7aEB81aa7431d49e2Df048989C10FB70
  • A discount % will be set randomly on mint and shown to you once your transaction is confirmed
    • Percentage is set at random, occurrence of percentages is weighted and predetermined
  • When you buy a ticket, connect the same wallet for the discount to be applied

Please note

  • Owning an NFT is not and does not guarantee you a ticket. You'll still need to be on time to buy a ticket. Ticket sale will be live on Monday Feb 28. Stay tuned on Twitter
  • The discount is only applied if you buy your ticket with crypto (ETH, DAI, USDC, USDT)
  • NFT discount is applied to a single ticket
  • A given NFT can be used only once
  • If you own multiple NFT’s, discount is applied consecutively for each single ticket you buy, starting with the NFT that has the highest discount %

Why a Crowdseed?

First up, this crowdseed is not a crowdfund. Proceeds of the NFT sale go into the discount you receive in return. Best case, you get a full ticket discount, worst case you receive a 10% discount, which is more or less equal to the cost of the NFT ($80).

Secondly, Offscript is a small-scale event, focused on building quality connections amongst creatives in Web3. To make such an event financially sustainable, as organizers we need to demonstrate its relevance. By buying an NFT, you're essentially waving a flag for creatives in Web3 and showing that this events adds value to you and your work to improve the experience of Web3.


The collection consists of 150 unique artworks. 40 of these art works are offered for sale for show your support and receive a discount on tickets. Below are some samples of the art works.

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