Leader introduction: Alejandro

Leader introductions is a story segment. In each segment I (organizer Hester) tell you more about one of our amazing leaders and why I’m so grateful they decided to join us in Comporta.

I first met Alejandro virtually in April 2018 when he submitted a Pull Request with a UX review of Dapps; Including guidelines that are still relevant today (Use message signing for access 👏). Later that year we met in Berlin and learned that Curcuma is not best eaten raw. #Lifelessons

If you’re not familiar, please do check out Alejandro’s work on, and reporting of Open Money Initiative, where he works with Jill Carlson to research how people use money in closed economies and collapsing monetary systems. This work led me to reach out to Alejandro and ask for his support to run field research in Venezuela to understand payment networks. The outcome of that: a wild research trip that changed my perspective on real-life use of pretty much any Web3 project I come across.

Coming from a world of magical realism, and having travelled all over the world, few people are more grounded in applying Web3 concepts to solve issues today. And manage to articulate benefits as succinctly as Ale can.

As a leader in the Web3 space, Ale:

  • Chooses his projects based on the ability to make real-life impact
  • Challenges his own assumptions by frequently doing field research
  • Shares his learnings widely

I couldn’t be more excited for Alejandro to join us at Offscript for a fireside chat and learn all about his most recent experience in El Salvador.

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