Leader introduction: Amber
February 25th, 2022

Leader introductions is a story segment. In each segment I (organizer Hester) tell you more about one of our amazing leaders and why I’m so grateful they decided to join us in Comporta.

“Actually, I’m also a musician, I own a record label”, Amber told me, when we were discussing her contribution to Offscript. And so we decided to shine a light, quite literally, on Amber’s talents as a live performer.

At Offscript, Amber will give a music and art performance using video reflections on water. And will also be joining a panel discussion with Pamela Pascual and moderator Christina Rosalie. Having met these women through Amber’s kind introductions, I can say: this conversation is sure to make you see everything you’re building in a new, organic light and get your creative juices flowing.

Next to a musician, Amber is a cyberanthorpologist, author of Calm Technology, National geographic explorer, Tech founder, Advisor to Puma browser and Unlock protocol, Research Fellow at Mozilla Foundation

Here’s to a good night of binge watching with Amber presenting at TED and many more events.

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