A resort style experience

Pop-up resort

You might have seen the pictures of the gorgeous main venue and villas where Offscript will take place. Together these comfortable hangouts create something special altogether: A pop-up resort.

All places are within a 3km (1-2mi) radius. With event production in full swing we’re looking to secure sufficient bikes so that you comfortably hop between your room or villa, the main venue and your neighbours.

Map of the pop-up resort: main venue and 10 satellite villas
Map of the pop-up resort: main venue and 10 satellite villas

Room allocation

With the community vibes of sharing a villa also comes the logistics of room allocation.

After buying a ticket, you’ll receive a short form where you can choose between:

  • No preference
  • Single room at Quinta da Comporta
  • Shared room at Quinta da Comporta (twin bed)
  • Single room in Villa
  • Shared room in Villa (twin bed)

‍Please note that we cannot guarantee to meet your preference. If you have requests due to a medical condition or requests to co-locate with your team, please contact us at organizer@web3creatives.com. Thank you for your understanding.

Between March 31st and April 3rd Offscript will be live, in person, between the beach and rice fields in scenic Comporta, Portugal.

Check out the event website.

Offscript offers 3 sponsorship tiers as well as a scholarship program. All with the opportunity to help elevate design in Web3 and reach a wide network of artists and designers in a memorable way. Please contact us at organizer@web3creatives.com for more details.

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