Open Dollar January Highlights

Welcome to the Open Dollar January highlights!

Here we’ll share the month’s most important developments and highlights from the Open Dollar protocol.


ODG Token Launch

We've announced the launch of the Open Dollar Governance (ODG) token! Airdrop recipients can claim their ODG on our governance page and begin participating in the Open Dollar DAO. The ODG token has been officially listed on Camelot, and for those who thrive on details, our freshly updated docs have more information on tokenomics and governance. Read more here.

Open Dollar ODG Airdrop and Governance Launch

We are pleased to announce our first airdrop of $ODG tokens to over 78,000+ eligible addresses from the Arbitrum ecosystem.

This marks the kickoff of many major events for the Open Dollar protocol, including opening up the call for delegates and the beginning of DAO operations ahead of our mainnet launch scheduled for mid-February.

Check out our DAO page & claim your airdrop if you haven't already! Read more here.

Open Dollar OD OG NFT 🖼️ & Zealy Campaign

This month we launched our exclusive NFT campaign in collaboration with Galxe & Guildxyz.

🏅 Mint your very own limited edition “OD OG” NFT and earn an exclusive Discord role.😎 Bragging rights forever: Show off your “OG” status with pride.🎁 Future Perks: Stay tuned for more exciting benefits coming your way

We’ve also launched a new campaign on Zealy! Earn points for daily check-ins, attending our events, content creation, and more.

Open Dollar Explainer Video

What is Open Dollar? We’ve created a shareable, 1-minute explainer video to introduce all the highlights for newcomers to the Open Dollar protocol.Let us know what you think!

Open Dollar Docs Update

We’ve published a highly anticipated update to the Open Dollar Docs to include information on: 🗳️ Proposals & voting ⭐ The ODG token 📈 ODG tokenomics

Check out the update here.


ODG Lists on CoinGecko

ODG is now officially listed on @coingecko! Upvote and add ODG to your watchlist to earn points in our new zealy_io quests. We’ve also applied to list on CoinMarketCap and other popular cryptocurrency platforms. Watch this space!

Open Dollar's ODG airdrop announcement was featured on leading news publications Yahoo FinanceBlockster & DAO Times.

A huge thank you to all the publications that featured us!

Tally's Blog on Open Dollar’s DAO Launch

Tally announces their collaboration with Open Dollar for our DAO launch, token claim, & governance operations!Check out the tweet here.Read their blog here.

Camelot Announces ODG is Live for Trading

Camelot announces the ODG token is now live for trading on Camelot ⚔️Trade ODG now here.Check out their tweet!

Open Dollar CEO Joseph Schiarizzi's Blockworks Op-Ed

Our CEO @CupOJoseph has once again been featured in the media for his take on innovation (or the lack thereof!) in web3, by one of our favorite crypto publications @Blockworks_!

Check it out here.

Reflexer Finance Shouts Out Open Dollar

Our friends over at @reflexerfinance congratulated us on our successful ODG airdrop!

Check out their tweet here.

Open Dollar AMA with RAI and HAI

We had a great AMA session with our CEO Joseph and RAI’s Co-Founder Ameen.They discussed the philosophies behind the creation of Open Dollar and RAI as well as their thoughts on the evolution of the DeFi space and much more!Listen to the recording here.

ODG Governance Nominations

There’s still time to step up or nominate your choice for Open Dollar delegates. Holders of ODG may choose to create proposals or vote independently, or assign their voting power to their delegates of choice on the governance page.

Electing experienced and reputable delegates will ensure efficient DAO operations and has been shown to increase voting participation rates versus DAOs without delegation functions.

If you know an ideal candidate who embodies the qualities needed to represent you and your interests on the Open Dollar platform, now is the time to extend an invitation to them.

Visit our Tally page today and make your voice heard in shaping our DAO's future!

Introducing DeFi Hour

Let's learn about DeFi together - introducing the DeFi Hour live stream! Here we take a deep dive on our favorite DeFi protocols. On this episode, we explored  @LiquityProtocol.

Watch it here.

PID Controller Animation

Our dynamic control system adjusts the redemption rate, ensuring stability against market fluctuations. It's stablecoin innovation in motion – any imbalance presents an arbitrage opportunity to restore it.

Read more about it here.

Blog Updates

Our latest blog explores the most popular LSTs on the Arbitrum network: wstETH, rETH, and cbETH.

Discover their unique characteristics, why so many use them, and their impressive stats!

Read the blog here.

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-The Open Dollar team

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