phas3 & LYNX are Growing

We are pleased to welcome Somachi and Zachary into phas3 and LYNX. Somachi will be working as the Communications Lead for Phas3 and Zachary will be working as the Interim Product Lead for LYNX (a phas3 project).


Hello, I’m Somachi Ngoka, a third-year student at UCL studying Information Management for Business. My degree is a combination of IT, Management and Business; therefore, I feel this gives me the range to explore different career fields. I recently joined the Phas3 team as the Communications Lead and I am helping with community building as well as social media outreach.

Having worked in different backgrounds, I believe I have gained multiple transferrable skills which I feel would be useful to this role. These include communication skills, team-building skills and analytical skills. Additionally, I have relevant experience working with social media for an advisory company, therefore the job description for this role was familiar to me.

With regards to phas3, I am so excited to work with a company in the Web 3 space. I believe there is so much to learn and gain from this community in the process of building it further. I hope I can use the best of my abilities to take phas3 to new levels in this space.


Hi, I’m Zachary McCarroll, the interim Product Lead at LYNX. Coincidentally, I am also Alexandra’s brother and have put my hat in the ring to help out with the product research and service design of LYNX. I have a Masters degree in Integrated Design Engineering from the University of Bath with a particular specialism in product design.

Additionally, I have spent time working for Rolls-Royce as an electronic engineering intern on their new Pearl engine. A highlight of my experience was working with Pacsafe and Dropsafe; two twinned companies that use stainless steel mesh in exciting and novel ways.

Working at LYNX has allowed me to explore the world of DeSci and the Web3 universe. Through Web3, I am hoping we can deliver new and improved experiences for users of LYNX.

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