Introducing ID3 - an ideation hackathon focused on international development

Calling all those interested in web3 and international development!

We at phas3 present to you ID3 – an ideation hackathon focused on international development.

The purpose of this ideathon is to foster a community focused on sharing and exploring ideas around Web3 and international development.

International development focuses on empowering people and countries to tackle worldwide challenges, for more prosperous, peaceful, and healthier populations. Such challenges include climate change, global health, female empowerment, economic growth, and humanitarian crises.

If you are an individual who is interested in web3 movements (including but not limited to #DeFi, #ReFi, and #DeSci), in addition to those with an interest in international development who are new to web3, this is the perfect opportunity for you to not only explore your interests but also connect with like-minded people in the space and provide interesting solutions to ongoing issues. Note, You can join as a team or join alone and be matched with others.

The key themes ID3 will be focusing on are:

  1. Supporting countries to grow their economies sustainably
  2. Provide women and girls with freedom, education, empowerment, and protection against violence
  3. Effective international response to humanitarian crises
  4. Climate change and protection of nature
  5. Global health

To join ID3, hop into our Discord and sign-up for our ideation hackathon taking place July 22nd - 24th! This ideathon is completely remote. People can join as a team or find teammates in the discord. When the event starts, you and your team will ideate together to develop one idea to submit. We will provide key questions to think about and judging criteria to help you develop your idea.

Hosted by phas3 & the Frontier Tech Hub; Funded by UK Aid

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