LYNX on the "DAOn the Rabbithole" podcast
February 22nd, 2022

Our founders, Sarah and Alex, were invited onto the Rabbithole podcast to talk about DeSci (Decentralised Science) and LYNX.

Sarah and Alex talk about how they found their way into web3 from backgrounds in traditional science and software engineering. They discuss some of the problems traditional science is facing and how DeSci can solve them. Then they cover the issue of censorship, and how blockchain can be used to expand participation in science.

Sarah and Alex also dive into LYNX — what it’s all about, the problems it solves, and how it uses blockchain and decentralised ledger technologies. They talk about the dangers involved in centralised entities getting hold of our personal data from wearables, and some specific use cases for LYNX.

Finally, they talk about collaboration in the DeSci community and how it compares to more traditional industries. Sarah and Alex share their long-term vision for LYNX and DeSci in general.





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