phas3: Finalists at The UCL Santander Summer Showcase

The UCL Santander Summer Showcase celebrated UCL's most promising startups. The event was supported by Santander Universities UK.

Out of multiple startups, phas3 was awarded two prizes – Finalist for the Hatchery Startup of the Year award and Finalist for the Most promising female-led startup award.

The Santander event sponsor commented that phas3 was the first business to mention blockchain and “web3” across all the university entrepreneur events across the UK they had hosted so far.

For the female-led startup award, phas3 pitched for 3 minutes to a judging panel. For the startup of the year award, pitching took place as part of the UCL Santander Summer Showcase event – alongside two other finalists, phas3 pitched for 2 minutes to an audience of UCL students and staff, and the public. The winner was then chosen by audience vote. The Summer Showcase event culminated in a prize-giving ceremony.

Overall, it was a fantastic and inspiring event for the startup community and phas3 thanks the UCL Innovation & Enterprise team for all the hard work they put into arranging it.

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