phas3 speaks to investors about "DeFi, DeSci, and Innovation"

phas3 co-founders, Sarah and Alexandra, recently spoke at “Crypto and Digital Assets: The Exponential Opportunity?” – a Real Vision family office event at The Londoner Hotel, London. The event was hosted by Raoul Pal and his expert Real Vision team. The aim was to bring Club b members together with a carefully selected group of the sharpest minds in crypto to explore and assess the compelling opportunities in this rapidly growing sector.

Sarah and Alexandra were joined on stage by Diana Biggs to discuss “DeFi, DeSci, and Innovation”. The discussion was expertly moderated by Samuel Burke.

The panel firstly discussed “What is DeSci?” for the room of investors who may not have encountered the term before. They then delved into the issues scientists face every day – from funding gaps to the replication crisis. The panel then discussed what is emerging in the DeSci space, including IP-NFTs, decentralised data and AI. This was followed by a range of interesting and engaging questions from the audience.

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