⚜️GTON Capital sets the stage for 🇦🇪ETHDubai
March 9th, 2022

In this blog post, we unfold the lineup of the events at ETHDubai, where the ⚜️GTON Capital team takes part as organizers, speakers, and sponsors.

ETHDubai 2022 will be a place for DeFi projects, academics, developers, and investors from around the world to come together and to define what the future will look like for web3 and cryptocurrency. Things will become more exciting down the line, as this event is only the debut of ETH local events series in the whole MENA region.

⚜️GTON Capital team is proud to be one of the co-organisers of this major event and share the role with outstanding teams like Yearn Finance and Metamask, to once again prove to be leading drivers of the DeFi industry in MENA.

We have set the expectations high and invited participants to come to Dubai to learn, build, partner with each other and discover Dubai as the next crypto capital of the world.

In this article, we will highlight the events led by ⚜️GTON Capital. The full agenda can be found on the website.

⚜️GTON Capital is hosting numerous activities during the three days to share insights, present concepts and our recently launched products to the global community and our partners who are also coming to Dubai.

Our agenda is almost packed for March 29-31, so please head over to this blog post which will be updated continuously with the ⚜️GC events at ETHDubai!

If you wish to book time with our team, please text our Q&A and Support Lead Nick (tornadofsoulz#3575 in Discord) and Infrastructure Lead Shamil (Shamil Khalilov#1156 in Discord) to set up a meeting with a relevant team member.

March 29. Meet&Greet day

Yacht meet and Greet Party

4:15pm -6:00pm

We invite you to one of the most anticipated social events during ETHDubai Special Yacht Meet and Greet Party Sponsored by Syscoin and Uno. As co-orgs of the ETHDubai, ⚜️GTON Capital team will also be there to chat and meet each other in person.

Departure point: TBC

Opening Bar Night ⚜️GTON Capital Party

7:00pm - 11:30pm

Later this evening we will host an Opening Bar Night GTON Capital Party. That’s where all the important networking happens! We’ll make sure that our partners, sponsors and speakers, as well as the impregnable 🦞Lobsters, will all be there. Other amazing brands co-hosting this evening with us, we’ll reveal their names a bit later when we settle the details.

Please note that to visit the party, you’ll need to have a Combo “Workshop+Conference” ticket.

RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ethdubai-opening-bar-night-party-by-gton-capital-tickets-289564454077

Venue: Nova Restaurant,The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina

March 30. Workshops day

Workshop “Coding Yearn DeFi Strategies with HardHat with ⚜️GTON Capital Team”

1:30pm - 4:30pm

On Wednesday, March 30th, ⚜️GTON Capital will give two workshops in a row for developers and non-dev users.

One of them is “Coding Yearn DeFi Strategies with HardHat with ⚜️GTON Capital Team”. Yearn is one of the largest projects in DeFi, a pioneer which set a standard in lending aggregation and yield generation. It provides users with multiple strategies for yield optimization, which can vary from simple ones to very complex that use advanced developer tools.

In this workshop, you will learn how to create strategies in Solidity language, and how to test and deploy them using Typescript and the HardHat framework.


Aleksey Pupyshev | GC , @10b57e6da0 🦞 admin & LobsterDaily author. @GtonCapital ⚜️DAO core contributor

Workshop “Initiation to DeFi with the ⚜️GTON Capital Team”

9:30am - 12:30pm and 1:30pm - 4:30pm

This workshop will uncover the basics of using most popular DeFi protocols for non-tech users. Traders, VCs, and product managers are invited.

We will review the most popular DeFi applications and learn basic usage patterns, such as withdrawing from CEX, taking a loan on AAVE, doing a swap on Uniswap, investing in Yearn, and so on.

The workshop will cover six protocols: 1. AAVE: lending,  2. Yearn: staking, 3. Univ3: liquidity provision, 4. Sushiswap: trading, 5. Gearbox: leverage trading and farming, 6. Curve: stablecoin swaps.


Ilya Sapranidi | GC, @GtonCapital ⚜️🏛DAO Team Description: researcher and core contributor to @GtonCapital, specializes on DeFi R&D, simulation, and protocol-building 🦞⚜️🏛🧬

Alex Telegin | GC, dev and core contributor to @GtonCapital, specializes on DeFi architecture, Solidity code and NFTs. #OpenFi #DeFi #NFT #dGaming #DAOs ⚜️🏛🧬

Venue: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre

March 31. Conference day

Join us at the Conference day on March 31. We are excited to  participate alongside the brightest minds in the DeFi space. This event will feature 25-minute presentations from each project followed by panel discussions. As stated above, you can book time with our team, by messaging Nick (tornadofsoulz#3575 in Discord). We can easily hop up on a chat at a ⚜️GC’s booth which will be out there during the whole day.

Track 2

10:00am - 8:00pm

If you want to chat with the ⚜️GTON Capital contributors this day, book a time for a private meeting (see above), or join the listeners of track two. Alex Telegin, core contributor and an expert in DeFi architecture, Solidity code and NFTs will be on stage all day hosting all the speeches and panels and setting the tone to the productive discussions and valuable takeaways. You can chat with him during breaks.


Alex Telegin | GC, @GtonCapital ⚜️DAO Team, NFTDevelopers chat moderator: https://t.me/nftdevelopers

Panel: Building in DeFi sucks? [Track 1]

6:30pm - 7:20 pm

Aleksei Pupyshev will moderate the panel “Building in DeFi sucks?” -  this will be an exciting talk that will share speakers’ ups & downs and exchange tips on how to avoid major mistakes while building DeFi products.

Other speakers in the panel: Mudit Gupta, Security Researcher and Technical Lead at Delta Blockchain Fund, also used to work on SushiSwap, and BoringCrypto, Inventor of #BentoBox and isolated lending contract (licensed to #Kashi and @MIM_Spell).


Alex P | GC, @10b57e6da0 🦞 admin & LobsterDaily author. @GtonCapital ⚜️DAO core contributor

Venue: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre

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