⚜️GTON Capital attends EthCC in 🇫🇷Paris

This post features the key takeaways from one of the crypto space's most important events.

The EthCC conference positions itself as a major event for hardcore Ethereum developers and builders to hack, code and talk shop. However, EthCC turns out to also be a perfect opportunity for networking and business development. In any case, it wasn't an event GTON Capital could miss out on.

One thing that was noticeable this year, was a substantial decline in activity and presence of VCs, which had several explanations. First, the conference ran at a difficult time for the crypto industry. Major projects, such as Three Arrows Capital, Celsius and Voyager Digital have recently filed for bankruptcy, and the effect on many funds involved in the space has been brutal.

Second, a series of recent crypto fiascos coupled with the worst bear market in three years have shaken overall confidence in the crypto sector, also raising questions about the current state and future of DeFi.

However, those who did come to the conference didn’t seem stressed. The vibe at EthCC was overwhelmingly positive, with most people excited about the fact that a bear market translates into no grifters as there’s no fast and easy profit to be made.

For the entire week, participants divided their time between serious activities and hard partying. In fact, EthCC is much more than just a conference, as it traditionally features many social events, in addition to conference-format stuff.

 With smaller, more niche events, like Metaverse Summit or Web3 Conference, added, the EthCC week emerges, also featuring numerous business breakfasts and brunches and, of course, parties. 

 And these are the main takeaways from the conference.

  • EthCC remains a platform for major announcements and releases. This year, Aave and Curve made stablecoin announcements, and Ethereum revealed a more specific timeframe for its long-anticipated switch from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, while Vitalik Buterin claimed that the switch will boost the network's throughput to 100,000 tps.
  • Adoption of various DeFi solutions is stepping up, but when it comes to the blockchain space, cryptocurrencies remain front and center.
  • Ethereum remains the reigning king of the DeFi space, as the lion's share of projects are still powered by Ethereum.
  • However, Polygon has emerged as a cheaper alternative to Ethereum, having achieved what Tron and Binance Chain were unable to.
  • Rollups remain the most promising type of scaling solutions as they can be deployed on top of Ethereum and other L1 networks. In addition, rollups can run on top of other rollups (app-specific rollups).
  • Decentralized stablecoins are still a big thing, which the announcements of new stablecoins from Aave and Curve prove.
  • The space is coming to the realization of the fact that regulation is an inevitable part of its life. This leads to increased communication and collaboration between projects and regulatory agencies - a trend that is likely to only strengthen going forward. 
  • The concept of regenerative finance (ReFi) was floated and could become a new hot thing in the Web3 space. The idea behind ReFi is that crypto could “regenerate the world” and provide solutions to real-life issues by means of various activities - from tokenizing investment in green initiatives, such as tree planting, to using blockchain for carbon credit trading.
  • The question “Is the future rollup-centric or multi-chain?” seems to be answered. Now it’s clear that we’re going to need more than one chain. It will no longer be a case of ‘winner takes all’. In the new multi-chain world there will be various different blockchains, which means more use cases and layer 2 roll-ups connected by bridges.

Overall, this year's EthCC, in addition to helping establish promising partnerships and contracts, proved that GTON Capital is ahead of trends and has chosen the right path, stack and vision.


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GTON Capital builds infrastructure to advance digital capital markets including GTON Network — L2 Ethereum rollup with $GCD stablecoin as a native currency, Pathway — algorithms for the pricing of governance tokens, set of mutually reinforcing DeFi protocols, DONs, and more.

By combining cutting-edge achievements of Web 3.0 technology, GTON Capital creates a more advanced and stable foundation for DeFi development.

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