GTON Academy. How To Use GTON Staking?

In this write-up, we provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to stake GTON using CLI app on

Staking on GTON Capital CLI is up and running. We hope most of you are having fun with this unusual product. However, we understand that some may be more used to traditional GUIs. To make it more convenient for you, in this tutorial we’ll guide you through the process of staking GTON.

Note that if you still have your funds staked on the previous staking UI, there’s a guide on how to withdraw funds LINK.

So, let’s begin.

Go to

1.Type “help” and press Enter to see the list of available commands.

Let’s go through each of them one by one.

join - connect wallet to the terminal

stake - this command sends your GTON to staking

unstake - that’s how you can unstake previously staked GTON

harvest - shows your harvest balance or, in other words, balance of farmed rewards in GTON

switch - will help you to switch to Fantom network right from the interface

balance gton | sgton | harvest - will show your balances:

  • type “balance gton” and you’ll see how many GTONs are in your MetaMask,
  • type “balance sgton” and you’ll get the amount of GTON in staking,
  • type “balance harvest” - you’ll see how many GTON you’ve farmed so far.

add gton | sgton - you can add GTON and your staking balance (sGTON) to MetaMask.

Note that you should use only lowercase letters and put spaces between words and numbers when typing commands.

By the way, staking is currently only available on Fantom. If you own some GTON on Ethereum, BSC or other networks, you can use for swapping. If a direct transfer to Fantom is unavailable, you can swap to Ethereum first, and then do the Ethereum<>Fantom swap.

Let’s return to staking.

2.First, you need to allow access to MetaMask. Type “join” and press Enter.

3.Make sure that your MetaMask is switched to Fantom Opera when using the CLI. You can use the “switch” command to switch to Fantom right from the CLI.

4.To stake your GTON type command “stake” and amount. For instance, if you would like to stake 10 GTON, you should type in “stake 10”.

5.Approve the funds in MetaMask.

6.Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

7.Voila, your 10 GTONs are staked.

8.Let’s check your staked GTON balance which is accrued in sGTON. Type “balance sgton” and press Enter.

9.You can check your staked funds directly in MetaMask - type “add sgton”.

10. You can check your staking rewards with  “balance harvest” –vyou’ll see the rewards in GTON that have already been farmed.

11.Harvest, or withdraw, your staking rewards to MetaMask by using the “harvest amount” command. Let’s withdraw 0.005 GTON. Enter “harvest 0.005” – Enter – Confirm.

That’s it! Your rewards are already in MetaMask.

12.You can unstake GTON at any time. Just type “unstake AMOUNT” and confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

Watch video tutorial.

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