GTON Capital partners with DeNet

GTON Capital partners with DeNet to expand GTON Network’s infrastructure with more opportunities for data operation.

GTON Capital is excited to announce partnership with DeNet, first multichain ecosystem based on decentralized storage. The collaboration will help both projects further develop decentralization and transparency — the core values of Web 3.0. 

One of the main problems of Web 3.0 is the lack of reliable data storage. This partnership will allow GTON Capital to utilize DeNet as decentralized storage with fast, permanent, and secure access to the project’s data. GTON Capital builds GTON Network — Ethereum L2 rollup, with the prospect of becoming the most popular rollup for GameFi, NFT, and other creative dApps. GTON Capital and DeNet joint work on the integration of both projects’ solutions will make a difference to achieve this goal. 

The partnership will enable GTON Capital to integrate DeNet decentralized data storage solutions into the rollup infrastructure and facilitate their integration in the DeFi apps built upon GTON Network. In turn, DeNet will join forces with a new prospective ecosystem which will become the foundation for hundreds of DeFi applications in the light of the L2 market boom.

DeNet ecosystem helps dApp users and developers solve the main problems: high prices, lack of transparency in ratings, advertising issues, and a low percentage of profit for content creators. To do this, DeNet ecosystem deploys the Open Economy 3.0 concept, which aims to create the most transparent relations between all participants in the digital economy, eliminating intermediaries, commissions, and additional expenses.

About GTON Capital

GTON Capital builds infrastructure to advance digital capital markets including GTON Network — L2 Ethereum rollup with $GCD stablecoin as a native currency, Pathway — algorithms for the pricing of governance tokens, set of mutually reinforcing DeFi protocols, DONs, and more.

By combining cutting-edge achievements of Web 3.0 technology, GTON Capital creates a more advanced and stable foundation for DeFi development.

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About DeNet

DeNet is a multichain ecosystem based on decentralized storage for Web 3.0 in the DeFi economy.

DeNet creates a beneficial ecosystem for all its participants on the ground of data storage and management according to the Open Economy 3.0 concept. Bringing together applications from different blockchains and increasing the availability of Web3 services for users, DeNet Desk already gives access to more than 40 applications aimed at storing data in DeNet.

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