GTON Capital Opens Whitelists for Bonding
May 30th, 2022

Early Birds (EBs) that participated in the treasury formation in April 2021 are included in the first whitelist.

GTON Capital opens a whitelist for bonds with the Early Birds (EBs) - more than 300 addresses that participated in the treasury formation shortly after GTON Capital was created.

Bonds are a treasury replenishment mechanism that allows tokens to be purchased directly from the Treasury in the form of transferable NFTs, are NFTs which represent an allocation unlocked when the expiration conditions are met. Bond NFTs can be transferred, sold or traded on secondary markets while earning staking rewards.

GTON Capital bonds operate on Ethereum and allow for purchases of two types: short-term bonds with a 7% discount and a one-week vesting period and middle-term bonds with a 15% discount, three month vesting. The discount applies to a current GTON price at the time of purchase.

Bonds are paid out from a dedicated treasury allocation which constitutes 9% of the GTON supply (1,85 m tokens), split into ~2/3 and ~⅓  for short-term bonds and middle-term bonds respectively.

"Bonding offers a new and powerful option for GTON Capital to increase the treasury and thus –  funding of all our future technical achievements,” said Alex P, founder and Chief Architect at the GTON Capital Foundation. “At the same time it’s a lucrative opportunity to obtain a promising asset with strong fundamentals. The EBs as the long-term and most loyal community participants should be provided this opportunity in the first place.”

You can find more on how bonding operates in GTOn Capital and what strategies users can for with the bonds in a dedicated documentation section.

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GTON Capital - is a foundation that creates GTON Chain - community governed Ethereum rollup protocol with a stablecoin as native currency, and an ecosystem of DeFi products to advance digital capital markets.

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