⚜️ GTON Capital in 🇦🇪Dubai: Join us at Beconomy, FBS & GITEX, WBS and Web3Dubai

Join the GTON Capital team at the key events of this autumn.

GTON Capital is participating in the key events in MENA - Beconomy, Future Blockchain Summit and GITEX,  World Blockchain Summit and Web3Dubai. If you’re an attending developer, researcher, crypto investor, or interested in learning and entering the Web3 space, please stop and say hello to the GTON Capital team.

We’ll be at Beconomy on October 4-5, on FBS and GITEX from October 10 to 14, WBS on October 17-18 and on Web3Dubai from November 17 to 18. All events are great opportunities for the developer community and investors in Dubai to meet with the GTON Capital team and find new options for collaboration. During events, we’ll be giving keynotes about how GTON Capital changes the current web3 landscape and can be implemented in metaverses, hosting workshops on building on rollups and participating in panel discussions with the industry leaders.  Prior to Web3Dubai (November 16) , we’ll also be hosting an Opening Party featuring drinks, talks, and a chill time.


Event Details: Growing the GTON Ecosystem 

Event: Beconomy     

Dates: 4-5 Oct       

Venue: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre

Website: https://beconomydubai.com/

Swing by the GTON Capital booth to connect with the team and receive fun gifts. Two lucky booth visitors will also win tickets to Future Blockchain Summit & GITEX. 

Alex Pipushev, GTON Capital’s founder, will give a keynote speech titled “Reimaging scalability and utility of Web3 '' on the main stage and participate in the panel discussions.

Event: Future Blockchain Summit & GITEX      

Dates: 10-13 Oct          

Venue: DWTC Dubai World Trade Center

Website: https://futureblockchainsummit.com/ and https://www.gitex.com/

Joining this spectacular event is a great opportunity to present GTON Capital and  GTON Network mainnet to the global technology leaders. The list of participants and sponsors is so impressive that it would take too long to list them all – you better head to the sponsors page. If you happen to visit FBS&GIXET this year, pop along to our booth to talk to our team about business development and ask questions covering technical subjects. We will be happy to guide you through launching your own dApp on GTON Network.

This time, the GTON Capital team will be speaking about metaverses. Alex P will give a presentation on “How to scale metaverse infrastructure with rollups” on the main stage and host a workshop on “Security Rules You Should Know When Using Web Applications”. Watch us in the panels on multiple topics as well! 

We’re so excited to meet various start-ups, developer teams, or other attendees for new amazing partnerships.


Event: World Blockchain Summit  

Dates: 17-19 Oct          

Venue: Atlantis, The Palm

Website: https://worldblockchainsummit.com/dubai/ 

Finish the October conference timeline at World Blockchain Summit. On October 17-19th, the team has planned an insightful keynote, great conversation and a booth.

Alex P will be hosting the keynote presentation. Make sure to attend as he’ll be covering utility and scalability of web3 ecosystems and GTON Network’s role in unifying  infrastructure for web3.

Event: Web3Dubai 

Dates: 17-18 Nov          

Venue: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre

Website: https://www.web3dubai.org/

Web3Dubai will be your last chance to connect with the GTON Capital team in Dubai in 2022. From November 17 to 18, advisors and mentors from GTON Capital will be helping the developer community create cool new applications on GTON Network mainnet within the Web3Dubai hackathon. For those that stop by, we’ve prepared a special T-shirt and gift box drop for recharging at the hackathon.

As always, meet the team at the main stage with a keynote, a panel and join a workshop kicking off new applications on GTONNet.

About GTON Capital

GTON Capital builds infrastructure to advance digital capital markets including GTON Network — L2 Ethereum rollup with $GCD stablecoin as a native currency, Pathway — algorithms for the pricing of governance tokens, set of mutually reinforcing DeFi protocols, DONs, and more.

By combining cutting-edge achievements of Web 3.0 technology, GTON Capital creates a more advanced and stable foundation for DeFi development.

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