ELI5: how is ⚜️𝔾ℂ different?
February 23rd, 2022

This write-up describes what GTON is in a nutshell and how it is different from other DeFi projects, including its value proposition and “x factor”.

⚜️GTON CAPITAL (𝔾ℂ) is a 🏛DAO that creates DeFi infrastructure and builds an ecosystem of products to advance digital capital markets using $GTON as an algorithmic governance currency.

⚜️🏛𝔾ℂ DAO governs the 𝔾ℂ Ecosystem by making decisions through proposal voting, with GTON as the governance token. Once a month, we publish Treasury Statement Reports to track DAO-owned assets and liquidity.

⚜️🏛𝔾ℂ DAO designed a new DeFi primitive for governance tokens: 🧬 Pathway, an automated DAO token pricing protocol. In 𝔾ℂ, Pathway softly pegs GTON to its fundamental price estimation based on certain performance factors: TVL, POL, users, volumes, integrations, degenscore, and other metrics chosen by the DAO..

⚜️To generate value for DeFi users and other DAOs, more is needed than simply DAO + Token Peg through a protocol similar to Pathway. To improve on the concepts presented in DeFi 2.0 DAOs, we’re innovating with new AMM models, Single-Sided Staking, and NFT-tokenization products.

⚜️GС's approach to DAO composition that includes basic protocols like Pathway, staking, bonding, and products (subDAOs) like Candy, OGS and Solvex, can become a new standard for DeFi ecosystems. It can be adopted entirely or partially, depending on the needs of a DAO.

Algorithmic DAO infrastructure is our X Factor.

In comparison with Olympus and its forks:

  1. 𝔾ℂ is not a fork of any project. Our aim is inventing and building new models in DeFi (👻Fantom ecosystem is inherently supportive of innovation, thanks to Andre Cronje, Michael Kong and Harry Yeh).
  2. 𝔾ℂ provides a sustainable staking with a fixed APR of 22.32%.
  3. 𝔾ℂ provides a sustainable bond mechanism (weekly vested bonds once per 2 months with 7% discount, quarterly vested bonds with 15%).
  4. 𝔾ℂ is based on the idea that DAOs should build infrastructure and products that bring value to DeFi users and other DAOs, while avoiding the 'ponzinomic'-only narrative.

⚜️According to the Roadmap 22, by the end of Q1 we expect to finalize technology (and popularize in Q2) for:

I. GC Core: Pathway, Staking, Bonding and Infrastructure/Tools for DAOs

II. OGS: AMM with fee rebates/compensations and pool customization,

III. Candy: single-sided liquidity farming (similar to Tokemak but designed from scratch),

IV. Solvex: NFT collections launchpad with NFT <-> ERC20 wrapping/unwrapping and rarity-mining.

V. GCMoney: an algo stablecoin based on GC core protocols, collateralized by GTON.

⚜️Products II, III, IV, V fully integrate 𝔾ℂ DAO token GTON, while also bringing value to the Fantom DeFi ecosystem.

⚜️Thus, the better performance those products can achieve, the larger the Pathway factors will grow, thereby influencing 𝔾ℂ DAO token price on DEXes such as Spirit, Spooky, Solidly and OGS (𝔾ℂ DAO’s AMM DEX).

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