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GTON Capital
July 5th, 2022

Furthering the collaboration with Web3London, we provided its community with a limited opportunity to get GTON tokens with a discount. 

As the partnership between Web3London and GTON Capital, established a month ago, gains momentum, aiming to spread knowledge about DeFi, GTON Capital is committed to creating materials that are of interest to the Web3London community. 

In line with that objective, we launched a weekly series of educational YouTube live streams. To date, we have released four episodes, and we were lucky to have the best guest experts, including Parikh Sarang from SushiSwap and Facu Ameal from Yearn Finance.

We expect to host more amazing guests in the coming episodes. Meanwhile, today, we are glad to share that we’re expanding the scope of our partnership with Web3London and its community is now whitelisted to participate in GTON Capital bonding. That will enable Web3London community members to buy discounted $GTON.

Following successful educational activities, GTON Capital suggests steering the collaboration into a practical area by providing WEb3London members with a limited opportunity to utilize one of the most sophisticated and demanded DeFi tools - bonds.

For those who are new to bonds, we’ll elaborate on this type of digital assets in our next GTON Academy article. Meanwhile, we’d like to inform our friendly community when and how they can acquire GTON bonds and how they can utilize them.

Everyone who is interested in bonding, are invited to join a special channel for bonding discussions on GTON Capital’s Discord server and fill in a form providing their ERC-20 address which will be added on the whitelist.

Now, a few words about GTON bonds. As stated above, a more detailed explanation will be provided in an upcoming article.

Bonding activation depends on several factors. Therefore, it is hard to give a precise date for the launch of bonding. Still, it's correct to say that it will happen soon. Once bonding is launched, users will be able to buy discounted GTON directly in the GTON Capital app and utilize GTON further for staking - either with apps that will emerge on the GTON network or by deploying their own apps on the network.

***"Bonding is a tool for us to connect truly knowledgeable, dedicated and loyal users within a community ,” ***said Alex P, founder of GTON Capital. ***“At the same time, it is a lucrative opportunity to join GTON Capital as a long-term investor. The Web3 London community, with their pursuit for the popularization and promotion of the Web3 concept, are definitely the right ones to get this opportunity.” ***

Technically, GTON bonds, which allow users to purchase $GTON directly from Treasury, are NFTs (not to be confused with the Whitelist NFTs which prove whitelisting) that represent an allocation unlocked when expiration conditions are met. Bond NFTs can be transferred, sold or traded on secondary markets while earning staking rewards. 

GTON Capital bonds run on Ethereum and have two types: short-term bonds with a 7% discount and a one-week vesting period and medium-term bonds with a 15% discount and a three-month vesting period. The discount is applied to the current GTON price at the time of purchase.

About GTON Capital

GTON Capital is a foundation that builds GTON Chain, a community-governed Ethereum rollup protocol with a stablecoin as native currency, and an ecosystem of DeFi products  to advance digital capital markets.

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