ETHDubai Participants are Now Whitelisted for GTON Bonding
June 6th, 2022

All participants of ETHDubai 2022, the annual conference's first edition, are now on the whitelist that grants access to GTON bonding.

How can you reach out to the crypto community's most dedicated members, including advanced users, crypto OGs and builders of the industry's most prominent projects? Catch them at a tier-one conference! Drawing on GTON Capital's successful engagement in ETHDubai 2022, which provided opportunities to meet and collaborate with the best existing projects, we’re whitelisting the conference’s participants for GTON bonding expected to be launched in the near future. 

All participants who provided their ERC-20 addresses while registering for the conference, will receive a special NFT identifying them as whitelisted users, and that will be the only condition they'll have to meet. Unlike many other communities, for which qualification criteria will be established, such as threshold wallet balance etc, ETHDubai participants will simply have to hold the NFT in their wallet.

The NFT airdrop will be announced shortly.

Quick recap: GTON bonding is one of the GTON Capital protocol's key functionalities, along with staking, which allows users to enter the GTON ecosystem i.e. become GTON token holders with a decent discount. Bonds imply vesting and autostaking during the vesting period, offering users an attractive combination of a discount and staking rewards currently amounting to 22.32% APR. 

Only whitelisted communities are granted this opportunity. 

GTON Capital bonds run on Ethereum and have two types: short-term bonds with a 7% discount and a one-week vesting period and medium-term bonds with a 15% discount and a three-month vesting period. The discount applies to the current GTON price at the time of purchase that can be made with ETH. 

GTON bonds are implemented as NFTs that represent an allocation unlocked when expiration conditions are met. Bond NFTs can be transferred, sold or traded on secondary markets, while earning staking rewards. 

You can find more on how bonding operates in GTON Capital and what strategies users can for with the bonds in a dedicated documentation section.

"Bonding is an option for the project to grow the treasury revenue, on the one hand, and an opportunity for a user to enter the project on special lucrative terms, on the other hand,” said Alex P, Chief Architect and Founder at the GTON Capital foundation. “However, bonding is attractive only for those who believe in the project’s long-term success. We believe that ETHDubai participants learned enough about GTON to make such a positive prediction. ” 

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