Withdrawals From Staking v1. Guide
May 18th, 2022

As we prepare for the staking v2 launch, here’s the guide on how to withdraw your GTON from v1 version on Fantom.

Following the audit of the staking contract, we need to implement several smart contract enhancements, which will be introduced in staking v2. To migrate to it once it is deployed into production, you will first have to unlock your staked GTON in order to move it to the updated staking manually through the smart contract.

As the easiest option, we suggest connecting your Metamask to FTMScan and use the contract function directly to claim your GTON, as described below. Please note that the sGTON that you will have left on your wallet after claiming GTON is not usable anymore. Also, please make sure that you use the correct contract link:


Here’s a brief walk-through along the withdrawal process:

  • Go to the staking contract on FTMScan, Write contract section:


Connect to Web3 button on FTMScan
Connect to Web3 button on FTMScan
  • Make sure you’re connected to Fantom opera in Metamask
  • Click on the “Connect to Web3” button
  • Scroll till the “WithdrawGTON” field and click on the “Write” button.
Withdraw GTON function
Withdraw GTON function
  • Confirm the transaction in the Metamask’s pop-up.
  • That’s it, your GTON is now in your Metamask. You’ll be able to add it to staking v2 once it’s live, and we’ll provide a separate guide then.

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