🪢 Bonding Testing Campaign Is Over

Now, as the bonding testing is over, we tap the final fixes prior to the bonding launch.

Computer Science students of the University of Applied Science Ruhr-West, supervised by Prof. Dr. Marc Jansen, took part in the testing program of GTON Capital. The students were commissioned by the GC DAO to perform an audit of the bonding smart contracts and corresponding UX/UI on the GTON testnet. The audit was conducted between March 9 and March 16, 2022.

The purpose of this audit was to identify potential security issues with smart contracts, assess the logic behind given smart contracts, find the vulnerabilities in the UI and improve the user experience.

A total of 41 reports were received. By analyzing and identifying risks as well as studying the impact of Threat Agent Factors, Vulnerability Factors, Technical impact factors, Business Impact Factors, 13 most relevant and important issues were identified. They include 5 with the status of Medium, 8 with the status of Low.

See the report📄 here.

Information in this report was used to diminish some possible risks and as a guide to improving the UX. Approximately 70% of the identified bugs and logic vulnerabilities have already been fixed by the time of writing. The remaining improvements will be implemented in the upcoming days.

Upon the successful completion of this project, we move one step closer to the launch of bonding on mainnet. The last details in the general product design are being polished with the goal to create a better user experience for our bonding product and preserve the sustainability of the whole ecosystem.


41 submitted reports. No severity issues were found. 5 medium, 8 low vulnerabilities identified. All necessary fixes have already been or will be implemented in the upcoming days. This testing campaign contributed to the code improving and preventing potential attacks.

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