Infrastructure to Define Tomorrow’s Finance

Projects often skip tech questions when selecting a market maker. Financial arrangements and business models usually require their full attention. Yet, Flowdesk’s unique Market Making as a Service (MMaaS) runs on a special infrastructure. Unlike other market makers services, Flowdesk’s MMaaS is basically a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to current issues in market making.

This makes Flowdesk an infrastructure provider first rather than a financial service company.

Flowdesk leverages cloud computing together with open-source solutions like NATS, Kubernetes, and Terraform.

Our partner, Google Cloud ensures that all services run without compromises, completely securely, and smoothly. Thanks to this, Flowdesk has not experienced any network downtime in two years. Working with an established partner legally guarantees the stability of services as our Service Level Agreement makes our partners accountable, too.

This also safeguards Flowdesk’s network infrastructure from hackers and attackers. Securing a proprietary network is a very challenging task. Contrastingly, partnering with a global leader in network security lets Flowdesk focus its efforts on developing its platform and trading algorithms.

The multi-cluster infrastructure splits user connections to exchanges into geographical hubs. This network distribution speeds up the service by routing transactions through the quickest paths.

Flowdesk strategically selects its geographic hubs to provide the best access to digital asset trading venues.
Flowdesk strategically selects its geographic hubs to provide the best access to digital asset trading venues.

To further improve network performance, we are building our own, exclusive private backbone to connect all the geographical hubs. This flexible combination of cloud technology and proprietary network connections gives us the option to continuously evaluate our performance needs and stay highly competitive. This way, Flowdesk combines the best aspects of a cloud service, flexibility and security, with the high speed of an immediate, private connection.

Our open-source code is designed to be flexible and autonomous. While Google Cloud serves as the foundation of Flowdesk’s unique infrastructure, the code could be redeployed essentially anytime.

Flowdesk’s trading activities generate more than five billion data points each day. The company has a hundreds of terabytes database of price and order book history, transaction data. Google’s BigQuery helps the collection and storage of this big data — a unique feature in crypto market making.

Thus, through strategic partnerships with trusted services as well as thanks to our continuous internal development efforts, Flowdesk provides a uniquely reliable technological service for digital asset issuers.

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