Tokenization, the Source of Future Economic Growth

The “data is the new oil” catchphrase has become ubiquitous, even overused recently. Naturally, there is no denying that our world runs on data and information — it always has and always will.

But in our lifetimes, the exchange, flow, and spread of information have not only accelerated to previously unthinkable levels. They also enabled a vast range of new services and economies. Our societies have changed because of how data and information is created, shared and managed, and ultimately, consumed.

This revolution is far from being over. We are about to embark on the journey that leads to web3. Our conviction at Flowdesk is that its next phase is tokenization — made possible by blockchain technology.

Our vision is clear: the future of finance is tokenized.

In essence, tokenization is a new form of storing, handling, sharing, and exchanging all sorts of information. We see the tokenization of finance as a conduit to unlock previously untapped economic potential.

It will render fractionalized investments into, for example, tokenized real estate easier. No need for lawyers’, notaries’, or other intermediaries’ intervention at every step of the process. The same will be true to all shares, bonds, and any asset. Fractionalized investment is but one of the many use cases that will bring about a new era of wealth management and economic growth.

Tokenization could make transactions easier, more transparent, and trustworthy, as well as more efficient. We believe that — if it is used and governed correctly — tokenization can give way to new types of goods, services, and business models. It can create a fairer, more equitable, and sustainable economy globally.

Our mission is to bring this future closer by empowering blockchain innovators and communities.

Our long-term strategy starts with contributing to this defining change from the bottom up — first, by enabling those who are building and innovating in the blockchain space and are issuing tokens.

As a responsible technology provider, Flowdesk is already serving blockchain developers and the community. We provide an all-in-one algorithmic trading platform that is fast, reliable, secure, supported 24/7, yet easy to use, as well as transparent and globally compliant. To help token issuers, we provide a market-making solution that is neutral, responsible, and sustainable in the long-term — free of any conflict of interest. Flowdesk is only committed to the continuous success of its clients.

To achieve tokenization, we must be there for token issuers and web3 innovators every step along their journeys. This is why Flowdesk has also developed a full set of tools for token issuers to manage all their crypto-financial needs through an all-in-one platform. We provide, in addition to market-making, custody, over-the-counter trading and brokerage, as well as treasury management: all the tools and intelligence for token issuers and blockchain communities to be in full control. We empower web3 innovators to make decisions autonomously, independently from external interests and pressures so that they can focus on what they do best: building a tokenized, transparent, and efficient future.

Transparency and trust are the core values of blockchain as a technology. They are — as they must be — at the heart of everything we do. It is only through clear and fair regulation that blockchain technology can become mainstream and serve everyone. So we are not only advocating for overarching regulatory reforms, but are also proactively implementing them internally to be in the forefront of this defining transformation. There is no alternative to this prudence — only short-term profiteering that ultimately benefits only a few.

Flowdesk’s purpose is to create and provide the responsible, sustainable solutions that spur web3 innovation and lead to tokenization.

We aim to ensure that blockchain can reach its true potential and real utility: improving accountability in business and beyond and delivering on a more open, transparent, and efficient tokenized financial system. Our technology and core values position us as a leader of this transformation.

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