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Amount: $1 million

Stages: Pre seed round

Date: May 23

Investors: Game7 DAO, Magic Eden, Hyperithm, Polygon Labs

Category: Game, game development

Description: BoomLand is a blockchain game developer and publisher with its own NFT marketplace and decentralized ecosystem. Its first game, “Hunters On-Chain”, is a mobile first, multiplayer RPG. The Hunters NFT allow players to earn the in-game utility token BGEM, which can be used to open chests that contain various additional NFTs. These can then be utilized by players to upgrade their Hunters or boost their powers.




Amount: $3.6 million

Stages: Seed round

Date: May 23

Investors: Inflection, Village Global, North Island Ventures, ID Theory, Road Capital, Molecule, The LAO, OrangeDAO, Beaker DAO, Spaceship DAO, Seed Club Ventures , Curve, gmjp, Gnosis

Category: DeSci, DAO

Description: LabDAO is a community of scientists and engineers coming together to share open tools for life science research. The community's mission is to accelerate progress in the life sciences by making both computational and wet-lab tools accessible to all its members.




Amount: $2.3 million

Stages: Seed round

Date: May 23

Investors: Multicoin Capital, Polygon Ventures, Shima Capital, Symbolic Capital, Delphi Digital, Everstake Capital

Category: DeFi, MEV

Description: FastLane protocol is a hybrid MEV protocol designed to reduce transaction spam and improve network health by monetizing propagation bottlenecks in the peer-to-peer layer of the Polygon blockchain and distributing the proceeds to participating validators.



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