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【1】Plena Wallet

Amount: Undisclosed

Stages: Strategic financing

Date: March 22

Investors: Pivot

Category: Infrastructure, Wallet, Account Abstraction

Description: Plena Finance is a multi-chain, self-custodial wallet that supports account abstraction and offers encrypted news and insights.




Amount: $1.67 million

Stages: Strategic financing

Date: March 23

Investors: 1kx, Collab+Currency, Variant Fund

Category: NFT, Digital Art, Artificial Intelligence

Description: BottoDAO is a generative artist governed by the community. It creates 350 art pieces a week and presents them to the community. These art pieces are referred to as a 'round', with individual art pieces being called 'fragments'. The community votes on these art fragments, representing their individual preferences for aesthetically pleasing art. The votes are used as feedback for Botto's generative algorithm, dictating the direction of its next round of art pieces. Over time, Botto will create art that is guided and governed by the community.



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