Web3 investment and financing community veDAO establishes expert committee, announces first members - Professional reviews help quality projects flourish

Expert Committee: Specialized project review advice and early project discovery

The veDAO Expert Committee is composed of expert institutions such as security auditors, investment institutions, investment research institutions, analysts and media institutions. Its responsibilities are to uphold neutrality and objectivity, conduct comprehensive multi-dimensional evaluation of projects, provide valuable reference opinions for project parties and market participants, conduct thematic seminars and investment analysis exchange activities in combination with its own professionalism, cultivate a professional, efficient, open and transparent investment and financing community, and accelerate the development of early stage quality projects.

The expert committee members will provide all-round and multi-dimensional reviews for high-quality projects and interpret the future primary and secondary market trends of the projects. veDAO community will screen the projects with high attention according to the governance situation and invite the expert committee members to make reviews, providing more professional investment reference opinions with constructs for the community users and more perspectives,professional support for ordinary investors.

The huge flow and strong consensus of veDAO community will play a great advantage in discovering potential, which can help organizations discover more high-quality new projects, promote a virtuous cycle at the project discovery and screening level, and achieve a tripartite benefit for community members, expert committees and project communities.

The expert committee's cooperation map is expanding, and more like-minded partners are joining

veDAO community focuses on deep cooperation with experts and institutions in discovering the value of projects. Through the virtuous linkage of veDAO community, experts and project community, we will help more quality projects to be displayed and supported, so that more projects will be "Good wine needs no bush", and the income and consensus of the community and experts will really come from the long-term development of quality projects.

Since the veDAO community decided to open the expert committee, the community has made extensive contact with high-quality institutions and experts, and more than 300 institutions have communicated about their intention to cooperate, of which 40 members of the expert committee have completed their induction:

BitValue Capital

BitValue Capital was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The core team is comprised of members from leading North American investment banks, hedge funds, Canadian pension funds, IBM, the Toronto Stock Exchange and other institutions. We are committed to incubating top global blockchain projects and acting as a bridge between East and West.


BKEX is a global digital asset financial services platform, focusing on the mining and absorption of high-quality assets, an innovative digital asset international station for global users, providing a variety of digital assets between the trading and investment services.

AC Capital

Asia's leading blockchain and fintech-focused investment firm dedicated to identifying unicorns in the Web3.0 and blockchain industries. 2022, AC Capital has raised $20 million for its second crypto fund. The fund will focus on early-stage Web3 projects in the infrastructure, GameFi, NFT and Metaverse sectors. With over 200 strategic and community partners globally, AC Capital invests in an active portfolio that includes investments across a wide range of tracks including Web3, NFT, SocialFi, GameFi, Metaverse, Metis, Movebit, Shutter, Cetus, Starsharks, Gamestarter, Derace, and others.

Tiger VC DAO

Tiger VC DAO was founded in 2022 by a dozen of Web3 VC Core Builders. It is a decentralized VC organization for global Web3 investors, and users can become LP of Tiger VC DAO by simply holding Tiger NFT, so as to enjoy the Web3 primary market investment dividends. At present, we have investment layout in DeFi, NFTFi, Gamefi, SocialFi and DID tracks.

Bing Ventures

Bing Ventures is a pioneering global crypto investment fund and research firm headquartered in Singapore, focused on identifying cutting-edge innovative projects and entrepreneurs in the Web3 and blockchain sectors, and helping emerging brands get off the ground and grow with extensive industry connections and deep industry resources, in pursuit of its mission to "invest to shape a vibrant decentralized future. Following an open-ended, fundamentals-based value investment methodology. Bing Ventures' current portfolio covers a wide range of tracks including DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO, Infrastructure and Web3.

Jinse Finance

Jinse Finance was founded in 2016, with the rapid development and iteration of the blockchain industry, covering more than 17 million users. It has become the world's leading comprehensive service platform for blockchain information, integrating the industry's latest global information, market data, industry trends, community activities, business incubation, brand services, knowledge academy and other integrated services.

Redline DAO

Asia's leading crypto investor-Redline DAO, founded in 2017, is a DAO Ventures focused on crypto project investment and research incubation, and has invested in over 200 projects with overall returns of over 100x.Portfolio including Polkadot,Mask, Celer, WOO, BOBA, DODO and Algorand, and has close partnerships with industry leaders such as Binance, Chainlink, Kucoin, Bybit, OKX and Huobi.

Ince Capital

Established in July 2019, INCE Capital (INCE Capital) is an early to expansion stage focused venture capital firm.

INCE Capital focuses on innovation in the consumer, internet, technology, and healthcare sectors. The English name "IN" stands for Intelligent Innovative Investment, while "CE" comes from the Chinese character "策 CE" is derived from the pinyin, which means strategy and decision making. We are committed to discovering promising entrepreneurs with a vision of turning stones into gold and empowering great companies of the future.

Basics Capital

Basics Capital is a global blockchain industry fund focusing on the primary market to fuel the development of early-stage application layer projects with investments from more than 30 countries and regions around the world including Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, Vietnam and Russia, covering various segments of the application layer such as Wallet, NFT, DeFi, GameFi, DID, SocialFi and LaunchPad.

EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation is a non-profit organization that serves as a bridge for the EOS community to share information and provide financial, technical, operational and other key infrastructure support for the EOS ecosystem to flourish.

Buidler DAO

Buidler DAO gathers Web3 practitioners in the fields of investment and research, technology and operation, organizes content output and product practice in the way of DAO, establishes Web3 talent network and project gas pedal, and builds SocialDAO governance paradigm and DAO Tools solution with its own practice.

Pepper Ventures

Pepper Ventures is a former Global Partner of Capital Group, which is a web3 fund, focusing on ZK, social track, but will also participate in other track projects that are particularly good. We are mainly WEB3 early stage VC investment + SPAC NASDAQ listed business.

Paradise Capital

Paradise Capital has been operating in the field of cryptocurrency marketing and investing in Forex and cryptocurrencies since 2020. Now, our team with experienced staff is ready to provide social media services to promote your crypto projects. Our services include marketing on Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, as well as trending promotions on Pinksale, Dextools and other sites

Langrenus Fund

Langrenus Fund, a leading investment bank providing IPO, SPAC advisory, financing, consulting and incubation services to early stage founders of web3 since 2019, has been involved in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space since January.

XSight Ventures

XSight Ventures is a community-friendly, early-stage venture capital firm with a long history of investing in disruptive technologies and traffic gateways in the web3 ecosystem.

Momentum Venture

Momentum Venture is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that aims to add value to multiple sectors of the Web3 industry, as well as focus on early stage founder opportunities for startups.


MoleDAO is a blockchain developer community founded in Singapore in August 2021, dedicated to helping Web3 startups and creative developers get support for talent, funding, and resources, while leading more Web2 practitioners to learn and enter Web3 through public service courses.


1783DAO is dedicated to promoting the innovative practice of Web3 and metaverse industry in China and around the world, with more than 100 active members and community members involved in Crypto, Web3, NFT, DAO, metaverse and many other fields, dedicated to Web3 linking, exploration and implementation.

BroadChain Finance

BroadChain Finance is a Web3 financial media, with a financial perspective, interpretation of Web3, which has ace online interview columns such as "Face the Big Guy", "Bull and Bear Apocalypse", "Tomorrow's Star Power", and "The Forefront Live" as well as the high-end offline brand - "Chain".


JRR is a fintech group focused on disruptive innovation related to traditional industries, serving as a bridge between the real world and digital assets. Headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei. JRR's business portfolio spans equity investment, digital banking, trading and market making with over $2 billion in assets under management.

Atlas Capital

Founded since 2016, Atlas Capital is dedicated to global strategic advisory and investment in the fintech and blockchain sectors. The operating teams are located in Dubai, Singapore and Seoul. Over the past few years, Atlas Capital has incubated and invested in numerous innovative companies and has a strong resource in the global blockchain community.


Odaily Daily Planet is the leading Web3 and blockchain media information platform, and has reached an exclusive strategic cooperation with 36Kr, a NASDAQ-listed media group, to share resources.Odaily Daily Planet is committed to helping Web3 ecological development and technology iteration, providing news flash, data quotation, technology interpretation, industry research report and exclusive depth in one place.Odaily Daily Planet is also a professional resource integration service platform, working closely with Web3 cutting-edge projects, top funds, Internet giants, local governments, etc. to provide full-service resource integration covering all channels.


TechFlow, a think tank media dedicated to blockchain technology application and fintech entrepreneurs and leaders, is committed to providing valuable cryptocurrency information for entrepreneurs and innovators in blockchain and fintech.


ChainCatcher is a Web3 headline Chinese media founded in January 2018. By providing in-depth content coverage, professional research analysis and high-quality event conferences, it has been recognized by many industry insiders in the Web3 world for its cutting-edge and in-depth content features, and has become one of the preferred media sources for more and more investors, practitioners and Web2 veterans.


BlockTempo provides real-time global industry and market information, conducts in-depth interviews with international blockchain pioneers, creates exclusive content and news intelligence networks, and promotes local community voices. It manages various blockchain and cryptocurrency communities and drives innovation in the Chinese cryptocurrency community in a new era. Since its inception, it has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry and is rapidly growing in 2021. With over 3 million monthly website visitors, a monthly community of at least 500,000 active users, and over 30 million monthly online community traffic, it is now the world's largest Chinese blockchain media outlet.


AvatarDAO is the first GP-free venture capital community, 100% owned, governed and driven by the DAO community, dedicated to building a Web3 decentralized venture capital fund without borders and for the benefit of more people.


Coinlive makes blockchain simpler. We are a Singapore-based independent news platform focused on the Asian market, providing cryptocurrency and blockchain related content and producing exclusive original content including expert interview videos, roundup opinion articles and more.


BinaryDAO is a learning DAO organization focusing on project investment and research, which originates from the joint investment and research of several Web3 investment institutions such as Basics Capital, mainly for VCs and researchers, with research projects as the grip, focusing on depth in bear markets, focusing on secondary structural track leaders; focusing on breadth in bull markets, tending to primary trending hotspots, so far we have conducted over 100 projects in DeFi2.0 To date, we have conducted research on over 100 projects in various sectors such as DeFi2.0, Derivatives, ZK, NFTFi, SocialFi, etc.

Chain Capital

Founded in 2017, Chain Capital focuses on investing in global high-quality blockchain projects and digital asset management, and is committed to mining and incubating a number of world-class classic projects by combining traditional financial wisdom with new base applications of blockchain. Investment cases include Filecoin, Polkadot, Solana, Klaytn, MakerDao, Unifi, Render, Casperlabs, Blockstack and other global famous projects.

Win Capital

Founded in December 2020, Win Capital is an asset investment management company focusing on blockchain capital market and internet finance. It is committed to mining quality projects globally, encouraging and funding the development, incubation and other research activities of quality projects, supporting excellent teams to develop new applications and new technologies, vigorously promoting the development of decentralized fields, allowing participating subjects to share resources and values, and leading the healthy development of the industry with innovative thinking. Since its inception, Win Capital has been positioned as a long-term investor with an independent investment perspective, and has invested in Genesis Shards, Globe, Metis, Platon, Boson, Blockswap, Citadel, Nodle, Xnft, Lemond, YFX, Sfil, Kine, etc. projects.

Big Candle Capital

Big Candle Capital is a well-known blockchain investment institution, focusing on primary and secondary market investments and transactions, with global leading blockchain technology and first-line industry resources. With a professional investment research team and strong industry advantages, Big Candle Capital has successfully invested in more than 80 projects including LINK, BNB, DOT, UNI, DYDX, etc., and achieved overall 100 times investment returns with peak proprietary assets of over $700 million. We provide one-stop crypto asset management solutions for institutional and accredited investors, and work with top global hedge funds to develop crypto derivative products, including cryptocurrency options, ETFs, VIX, FOF funds, etc.

DMC Foundation

The DMC Foundation was established in Singapore in 2020.The DMC Foundation has gathered an outstanding technical R&D team from Silicon Valley and successfully developed the Datamall Chain (DMC), an open source decentralized storage public chain project for the world.The underlying protocol of Datamall Chain is based on Cyber File System (CYFS), which enables Datamall Chain is a decentralized storage marketplace that provides users with secure and efficient decentralized storage services.The goal of DMC is to drive the next generation of Internet infrastructure and blockchain technology to build storage architecture in Web3.DMC uses a unique proof of storage service (Proof of Storage Service (PoSS) consensus mechanism to incentivize nodes to enhance their storage capacity and ensure DMC becomes a high-performance public chain.

BALM Ventures

BALM Ventures is a Web3 incubator program from the University of Miami that promotes the growth and advancement of early stage Web3 projects. Led by BALM Ventures, in partnership with the Herbert School of Business at the University of Miami, BALM Ventures has successfully incubated over 20 projects with an average return of 10x, while providing a variety of value-added services for portfolio investments, including financing, mainnet design, token economics design, community and user growth strategies. BALM Ventures is committed to taking promising cryptocurrency and Web3 ventures to the next level.


Caduceus is the first metaverse protocol with decentralized edge rendering, dedicated to providing an infrastructure layer for metaverse development. Caduceus is equipped with features such as a metaverse sandbox editor, XR extended reality technology, and compatibility with EVM. It provides an easy-to-adopt ecosystem for metaverse developers and creators.

New Huo Tech

As a safe and efficient one-stop digital asset service platform, New Huo Technology Holdings Limited is committed to leading the development of digital asset compliance and creating inclusive value for society with Web 3.0 technology. The company adheres to the service principles of security, efficiency, compliance, professionalism and diversity, providing easy-to-use centralized & decentralized services, covering: OTC bulk trading, OTC pledge lending, digital asset custody, virtual asset management, decentralized custody, staking, software-as-a-service, etc. By investing in leading startups in the industry, the Strategic Investment & M&A Department of New Huo Technology supports the development of core technologies in the blockchain industry and promotes blockchain as a value internet infrastructure.

Onemax Capital

Founded in 2019, Onemax is the most resourceful and cutting-edge fund in the Asian market, and our core team has many successful cases of investing in the blockchain industry. In addition to investment, we also provide some consulting services and help projects to be promoted and publicized in the market at the same time.

MetaStone Group

MetaStone Group is an investment group focused on Web 3.0 and other cutting-edge technologies. Founded in 2017, MetaStone Group is dedicated to building and investing in Web 3.0 technologies and infrastructure while holding and growing a large portfolio of Web 3.0 investments in digital assets.MetaStone Group's practice areas include venture capital, hedge funds, quantitative FOFs, in socialfi, Defi, gamefi, NFT , combinators and innovation funds.

Cipholio Ventures

Cipholio Ventures is a research-driven investment firm specializing in investing in cryptocurrency, token and blockchain projects with the potential to reshape the trillion dollar market. We act as a bridge between people, technology and capital in a decentralized world. We seek opportunities in Web 3.0, DeFi, GameFi, the metaverse and Layer 2 protocols based on our deep understanding of the industry and data-driven decisions.

Negentropy Capital

Founded in early 2020, Negentropy Capital is a global diversified venture capital firm focused on the digital asset, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industries. It includes four functional departments: strategic M&A, strategic investment, asset management and external partnership, and has three distinctive funds: Metavers Eco Fund, NFT Special Fund and DeFi Special Fund, focusing on the cutting-edge layout of the blockchain industry, aiming to empower visionary believers and teams through capital means, and focusing on upstream and downstream investments in the blockchain industry. With global expansion, we promote the development of innovative and open decentralized technologies.

LK Venture

LK Venture, formerly known as Consensus Lab, is a crypto investment and research organization focusing on the Web3 sector, and has invested in infrastructure, trading platforms, technology protocols and financial instruments at the forefront of the market, Casperlabs, Coin98, and more than 100 projects from North America, Asia, Europe and other countries and regions.

About veDAO

veDAO is an investment and funding community dedicated to discovering early-stage potential projects. By gathering public wisdom and professional opinions, veDAO provides a fair, transparent and democratic project evaluation and investment and financing process for community participants, investors and project parties, allowing all participants to share the project development dividends.

Website: https://app.vedao.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vedao_official

Telegram: https://t.me/veDAO_EN

Discord: https://discord.gg/NEmEyrWfjV

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