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Amount: Undisclosed

Stages: Angel round

Date: May 24

Investors: Waterdrip Capital, Element, Fred Wang, Kevin Shao

Category: Domain Name Service, Bitcoin Eco

Description: BTC Domain is a bitcoin domain name service platform where users can register a name and associate it with their bitcoin address. BTC Domain provides an experience similar to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) by providing a wide range of name-related services, including name registration, name resolution, and other related services.".btc" domains are inscribed as formatted JSON text onto the Bitcoin mainnet, with each domain being a unique inscription that is akin to a BTC NFT.



【2】GoodGang Labs

Amount: $2 million

Stages: Undisclosed

Date: May 25

Investors: Kakao Investment

Category: Domain Name Services, Bitcoin Eco

Description: GoodGang Labs is a Web3 & Metaverse company dedicated to building the next-generation communication platform and technology for avatars.GoodGang runs a proprietary communications platform called Kiki Town, where users can interact as avatars, which could be intellectual property from other platform.The startup also powers other communication platforms with these functions through a SaaS API.




Amount: $115 million

Stages: Series C

Date: May 25

Investors: Blockchain Capital, a16z Crypto, Bain Capital Crypto, Distributed Global

Category: Digital currency, artificial intelligence, DID

Description: Worldcoin is a new global cryptocurrency aiming to become the largest and most inclusive cryptocurrency network in the world by giving Worldcoin to everyone for free. Worldcoin has built a device called the Orb, which captures an image of a person's eyes and converts it into a short numeric code, making it possible to check if the person has already signed up. If not, they will receive their free share of Worldcoin. The original image will not need to be stored or uploaded.

Additions: $100 million funding round closed on March 23, 2022; $25 million funding round closed on June 30, 2021




Amount: Undisclosed

Stages: Undisclosed

Date: May 25

Investors: Coin98 Ventures

Category: Infrastructure, Layer1

Description: TomoChain is an EVM-compatible public blockchain, powered by a scalable Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus mechanism. This allows Ethereum smart contracts to run with almost instant transaction confirmation.



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