🚀veDAO Financing Daily News 05/25/2023

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【1】Tanssi Network

Amount: $3 million

Stages: Seed round

Date: May 23

Investors: Arrington Capital, Borderless Capital, HashKey Capital, D1 Ventures, C² Ventures, Jsquare, Hypersphere Ventures

Category: Infrastructure, Application Chain

Description: Tanssi Network is an appchain infrastructure protocol backed by Polkadot's shared security framework. With Tanssi's ContainerChain technology, devs can deploy chains more efficiently and securely and have more time to grow their user base and enhance their application. When a project becomes a Tanssi ContainerChain, it gains access to a suite of tools and resources as services, including block production, data availability, cross-chain messaging, and bridges to external networks. Also included are management tools, templates, and key integrations such as wallets, indexers, RPC endpoints, block explorers and oracles.



【2】Num Finance

Amount: $1.5 million

Stages: Seed round

Date: May 24

Investors: Matias Woloski, Reserve protocol, Ripio Ventures, H2O Scouter Fund, VC3 DAO

Category: DeFi, Stable Coin Protocol

Description: Num Finance is a decentralized stablecoin protocol that mainly provides local currency stablecoin collateralized loans to businesses in emerging markets, and has issued Argentine Peso and Peruvian Sol stablecoins.




Amount: Undisclosed

Stages: Undisclosed

Date: May 24

Investors: Bitfinex

Category: CeFi, CEX

Description: Founded in 2017, OrionX offers crypto exchange and wallet services in Chile.



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