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Amount: $10 million

Stages: Series A

Date: June 10

Investors: Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Placeholder, RockawayX, L1D, Mert Mumtaz

Category: Infrastructure, Wallet, Multi-signature Solution

Description: Squad is a Solana-based multi-signature management tool that handles complex governance and treasury aspects, with a mission to unlock the full potential of self-custody, co-ownership, and coordination for teams emerging in Web3.

Additions: Squads raised $ 5.7 M in strategic financing on 16 October 2023;Squads raised $ 5 M in strategic financing on 5 February 2022;Squads raised $ 5 M in Seed round on 28 October 2021




Amount: $25 million

Stages: Series A

Date: June 10

Investors: Pantera Capital, Lightspeed Venture, Dragonfly, Faction, Blockchain Builders Fund

Category: Infrastructure, Cloud Computing

Description: Nexus is a decentralized cloud computing network that enables general-purpose, verifiable cloud computing.



【3】Crypto: The Game

Amount: Undisclosed

Stages: M&A

Date: June 10

Investors: Uniswap

Category: The Game

Description: Crypto: The Game is an interactive on-chain survival game where contestants buy in, join tribes, compete in daily challenges, and vote each other out over the course of ten days, until one person wins the entire pot.



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