🚀veDAO Financing Daily News 03/11/2023

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【1】Aisot Technologies

Amount: CHF 1.8 million

Stages: Seed round

Date: March 09

Investors: Haute Capital Partners, Swiss ICT Investor Club

Category: Data Analytics

Description: Aisot Technologies focuses on helping users with artificial intelligence-based analytics for their portfolios in the equity and crypto markets, using machine learning, data science and quantitative analysis to enable investors to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and investment needs.

Website: https://aisot.ch/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/asiotHQ


Amount: $4.5 million

Stages: Seed round

Date: March 10

Investors: Placeholder, Galaxy, Maven 11, Archetype, Robot Ventures, Balancer Labs, Fernando Martinelli

Category: Stablecoin development

Description: Gyroscope aims to solve the issues facing stablecoins today, including risk, adoption and sustainability. Gyroscope's stablecoin, known as gyro dollar and assigned the ticker GYD, is non-custodial and designed to be fully reserve backed.

Website: https://gyro.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gyrostable

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veDAO is an investment and funding community dedicated to discovering early-stage potential projects. By gathering public wisdom and professional opinions, veDAO provides a fair, transparent and democratic project evaluation and investment and financing process for community participants, investors and project parties, allowing all participants to share the project development dividends.

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