📣[NEWS] The OrcaJoy Homepage is Now Live

📣[NEWS] The OrcaJoy Homepage is Now Live https://orcajoy.com/

As you can see from the link above, the homepage of our website is now live. Please look forward to more upcoming projects:

  1. The minting of 'meta Cards' for the Hero's Journey Card NFTs, which will explain the project introduction.

  2. The announcement of rewards and funding amounts for Sponsor and Commemorative Membership Cards.

  3. The creation of more theme cards, providing additional quotas for everyone to mint for free.

  4. The planning of token airdrops for those who stake their Card NFTs.

  5. The establishment of a Telegram community and collection of feedback.

The project is currently in its initial stages, and we welcome heroes from all walks of life to participate. The AI era has changed many of our customary perceptions and concepts,

Let's embrace change and meet more challenges!

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