Vitamin Sea with extra Foam
Credit: OnClickCloset, IANA and Artisant
Credit: OnClickCloset, IANA and Artisant

Born south of the equator, I’m no stranger to underwater adventures and surfing the tide. In the metaverse, I frequently visit digital Atlantica and pay my respects to Ariel, the Little Mermaid. And, on rare occasion, she lets me raid her subaqueous wardrobe filled with gleaming gowns and pearly tiaras.

But resurfacing from these nautical dreams means I need to morph back into my human self and shed my glimmering tail. Much like how the sea’s tides brush the shores as foam, I leave the last drop of seawater as a mermaid and walk the beach transformed again into a woman.

The idea of this transformation, change and amphibian metamorphosis is encapsulated in a digital fashion collection launched by OnClickCloset and IANA called SEA FOAM.

From gorgeous shape-shifting gowns to elegant sea treasures in the form of jewellery, this digital fashion line is a delicately intricate symbiosis of the ever-lasting mysterious beauty of the oceans and our intrinsic connection to them.

“The SEA FOAM Digital Collection of NFT wearables, shoes and jewellery is about the metamorphosis of shapes when one colour merges with another creating a unique and ambiguous pattern,” OnClickCloset and IANA explain on the Artisant’s site - the marketplace where the digital fashion garments are being sold (digital jewellers Jevels are host to the jewellery aspect of the collection which can be found here).

“The main concept of the collection is the natural unpredictability and mystery of water, its hues, and shadows. The SEA FOAM collection is a tribute to abstract art and its deep connection with the natural beauty of life.”

“The prints used for the collection are the acrylic paintings of the British painter, sculptor, and writer Peter Bear.”

I was fortunate enough to win the NFT competition hosted by the designers and Glitch Mag to own the digital fabric of these garments (what are the odds, right?). Observing the patterns alone, it’s clear the detail and colour tones literally mirror that of an aquamarine glare of an ocean’s vibrant movement. I’m sure Ariel would be jealous…

Of course, the entire SEA FOAM collection is stunning, in my opinion, but I selected 3 standout pieces that genuinely caught my eye.


Credit: OnClickCloset, IANA and Artisant
Credit: OnClickCloset, IANA and Artisant

With wispy sea glass sleeves flowing, the ABYSS dress has a graceful air about it. The high-thigh slit, plunging neckline and the bold print that sends you into blissful hypnosis (the more you stare at it) exude a royalty.

The final touch is the elegant ABYSS choker that looks like drops of translucent seawater.  “It gives you the hypnotic feeling of starting a journey into the abyssal waters with its mystical fairy tales,” OnClickCloset and IANA.

“As you start looking at the print, you lose yourself falling into infinite alternations of paint. This is why the dress is called ABYSS.”


Credit: OnClickCloset, IANA and Artisant
Credit: OnClickCloset, IANA and Artisant

A deep-blue velvet tone coupled with a glistening pearl border, these PEARL HEELS will easily elevate any digital outfit (and not just literally). The stiletto heel adds that extra dash of seduction to a classic style of shoe. The meta beach party is only getting started when you rock up in these.


Credit: OnClickCloset, IANA and Artisant
Credit: OnClickCloset, IANA and Artisant

The ultimate aqueous accessory, the METAMORPHOSIS HEADPIECE is reminiscent of a decadent cinnamon swirl. As shiny and smooth as sun-kissed sand granules, the colourful shades reflect indigo blues, seaweed greens and ultraviolet coral. I’m all for it!

Connect with OnClickCloset on Twitter here and Instagram here.

Connect with IANA on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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