Fremen Bi-Weekly #7

The Fremen Bi-Weekly is a content piece that you’ll see from us, surprise surprise, every 2 weeks. We’ll be updating the community about interesting conversations in the world of DEXs and liquidity provision, as well as sharing what Arrakis has been up to. If you would like to contribute or feel like you have an interesting article or tweet thread we should share here, feel free to drop it into our discord.

So let's begin.

Tweet Threads and Articles We Liked From the Last 2 Weeks:

@XenophonLabs who received a grant from Uniswap discusses research done on the value of nontoxic order flows. Their main recommendation: the Uniswap Foundation should not incentivize orderflow until the protocol generates revenue. 

A bit of a different viewpoint and rebuttal on the never ending discussion around Curve vs Uniswap by @WinterSoldierx, directly responding to @DeFi_Cheetah (tweet below).

Lastly we need to shill ourselves a bit, a thread on what PALM is and how it works!

The Past Two Weeks at Arrakis:

The past two weeks have been pretty exciting, and a lot has happened. The most exciting is of course the fact that Arrakis is officially deploying V2 and PALM now. Any minute that you might be reading this the contracts are going live- shh a deployment announcement is coming. The 5 protocols initially using PALM will be announced in the coming days, tokens are about to become liquid!

In regards to the V2 Infrastructure we released a step by step tutorial showing how to build a trading strategy on top of it. You can check that out here:

On the Community farming front, we are still running the Optimism liquidity mining program for Uniswap, the next week will be the last week for that, however there may be some new initiatives already in the works :).

On the hiring side, we are currently looking for new blood in the Arrakis team- a part time researcher, take a look at the role and if you are interested feel free to reach out!

On the marketing side, the Twitter Spaces with Uniswap was delayed, and will happen next week. Friday the 3rd of February 4:30PM GMT, so tomorrow we are excited to have a chat with Polygon and talk all about the V2 and PALM deployments there. Make sure to follow our twitter to stay up to date with that.

Lastly on the Community side, a small reminder that we do have a Design Contest that is currently running. The idea is for you as the community to come up with a infographic for PALM and or V2. The winner for each of these tasks will win $500 USDC. If you missed that announcement and what to take part all of the information is here:

Look out for more news soon in regards to the deployments, consider this article the alpha leak for that!

Arrakis is a protocol that builds trustless market making infrastructure & strategies on Uniswap V3.

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