Fremen Bi-Weekly #9

This week's Fremen Bi-Weekly has a stronger focus on what we’ve been up to at Arrakis, because a lot has been happening.

So let's dive right in.


Let's start off with the week of ETHDenver where some of the team joined the 30k attendees to mingle, discuss and create new partnerships. Although exhausting the event was a huge success for us, we met with protocols such as Perpetual Protocol, who at the time were getting ready to be onboarded, as well as met new protocols who will be getting a PALM vault soonTM. We also had a blast hanging out with a bunch of the Uniswap team, which brought up some really interesting discussions around the feasibility and profitability of higher frequency strategies on concentrated liquidity AMMs, that's a story for another day though.

Besides all the great people we met, Kassandra our reverend mother gave a fantastic talk on changing the bad stigma of market making, you should check that out here:

Last but definitely not least, we enjoyed handing out over 250 pairs of socks of our limited edition Arrakis ETHDenver Socks. If you missed out, the next pair will be available at ETHCC in Paris.

Arrakis PALM

There are currently 8 PALM Vaults live for the following protocols:
Perpetual Protocol
Gelato Network

There are 7 new PALM vaults in the pipeline right now, so we are pretty busy on the vault deployment side. We are really happy to see that feedback so far has been very positive, and that PALM has acted as expected in these volatile markets.

A new macro level view dune dashboard is in the works, where everyone will be able to monitor more highlevel how PALM is performing across the board. On this dashboard it will also be possible to easily click into the various vault dashboards directly.

Arrakis Frontend

As you are aware the frontend has been our weak spot over the past, as it has been relatively buggy. We are excited to say that we are very very shortly going to be releasing a new frontend. Which should be working much quicker, have a nicer UX/UI, and should not have the bugs for claiming and withdrawing!
Stay alert, for the update we think you’ll like it a lot.

Arrakis Strategies

We can’t leak to much here but theres a lot of R&D going on in regards to new strategies that could be interesting to use for both protocols as well as individuals, for both deep liquidity and profitability. We have already mentioned the Avellaneda Stoikov strategy we are working on, but we have found a few different strategies that are showing some interesting results as well. R&D is a slow process, but the backtesting results so far look promising!

Arrakis Marketing

On the marketing side, Squirrel and Kassandra had the pleasure of joining the Flywheel Podcast- and discussed various topics from- Uniswap being a liquidity computer, the Curve wars, profitability of LPing, as well as of course PALM. Have a listen and feel free to ask any questions relating to the podcast on our discord.

We have also picked out a winner for the Design contest - The winner of the contest is @Warcupcake, he showed his understanding of Arrakis and managed to visualize it accurately. We want to thank all the participants and maybe there will be another opportunity in the future to win! 

We also held our Monthly Community Dev Call last week, where we summarised what we’ve been up to, we even leaked some info regarding a potential token. Yes, a token will happen, the question is just when and how.

Arrakis Liquidity Mining

We are excited to be working with Optimism on a new liquidity mining program where in total 2,000,000 OP are being distributed! You can learn more about that in our launch article here:

Another program will start relatively soon as well on Optimism, which is Phase 3 of the Uniswap Foundation program. We will be releasing more information about this soon!

Arrakis Team

The Arrakis team has been growing! 

We have hired a part time researcher and dune wizard, 0xRusowsky, thanks to him we will have more in depth Dune Dashboards as well as specific case studies of the PALM vaults. Last but not least we are super excited to have Bofan on board as an intern who will be helping out on the backend.
We can’t wait to show you what these mentats (Dune reference) are working on!

Thats it from us for now, as always if you have any questions please do ask them in discord.

Arrakis is a protocol that builds trustless market making infrastructure & strategies on Uniswap V3.

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