Arrakis V2 & PALM - DEPLOYED

The future awaits those who will shape it, not those who wait to see where it goes. - Duke Leto Atreides

Today, we are excited to announce that Arrakis V2 & PALM have been deployed on Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

If you did not get wind of the launch announcement of Arrakis V2 & PALM, take a look at the introductory articles here:**



Why is this deployment so significant?

For projects, it means that finally, a sustainable and cost-effective solution to bootstrap liquidity is readily available. The production of Arrakis PALM signals the end of renting / buying liquidity. Projects can now preserve their treasuries for a healthy runway instead of paying mercenary LPs.

For sophisticated market makers & traders, the various strategies that were previously feasible only on CEXs are now available on Uniswap V3. By combining the traditional techniques / algorithms with the decentralized & on-chain characteristics of Uniswap, all enabled by Arrakis V2, market makers & traders can now operate on DEXs the same way they do on CEXs, and reap even higher.

And for Arrakis ourselves, we can finally operate the protocol and collect first-hand data on a mass scale, to further optimize Arrakis V2 & PALM, and discover opportunities to build more and better products and services!

What's next?

As V2 & PALM have been deployed, we have been able to launch the first PALM vaults for the first protocols. We are now effectively bootstrapping the liquidity for them in a capital-efficient manner, and with that, we are also collecting real time data. We are excited to analyze this and present the success that we are achieving with PALM for these protocols. 

Hear about who the protocols are that we are market making for in the upcoming weeks!

Arrakis is a protocol that builds trustless market making infrastructure & strategies on Uniswap V3.

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