Fremen Bi-Weekly #8

This week's Fremen Bi-Weekly is a little shorter than usual as we are busy preparing for the upcoming weeks. This week we are giving some exposure to some protocols that we are now running PALM for.

So let's begin.

The most exciting news to share is the protocols we are managing liquidity for:

Arrakis PALM is now conducting market-making for four different protocol tokens!

As we've already mentioned in a tweet thread, the first vault that has been running for more than a month is for Gelato Network (GEL/ETH). Since two weeks ago, we’ve also started running vaults for Fuse (FUSE/WETH), Reaper (OATH/WETH), and Thresholds (T/DAI).

Gelato Network - a Web3 infrastructure-focused protocol that enables developers to create augmented smart contracts that are automated, gasless, and off-chain aware.

Fuse - a protocol that focuses on offering all things Web3 payment-related.

Reaper - a protocol that focuses on yield aggregation.

Threshold - a protocol that provides a suite of threshold cryptography services that power user sovereignty on the blockchain.

We are really happy to see that PALM is working as designed. All vaults are up-and-running and have a liquidity profile that is beneficial to both buyers and sellers. The strategy is running autonomously, and the overall slippage has been reduced. PALM so far has shown the capability of:

  • Increasing base asset liquidity (i.e. increase ETH)

  • Reducing slippage for $10k trades

  • Facilitating more trading volume

  • Bonus: not underperforming hodl

We are currently onboarding various more protocols and will have additional data to further optimize the performance of PALM, the first trustless autonomous market-making product.

The past two weeks at Arrakis

In addition to onboarding protocols, we aren’t short on interesting stuff on other fronts either.

Last week, we co-hosted a Twitter spaces with @Uniswap to take a deep dive into all things Arrakis and active market making. Definitely worth a listen!

Our CTO @kassandraETH posted some major alpha on how to LP on UniV3 like a chad by using Arrakis V2 infrastructure.

The most recent audit report regarding various improvements in our smart contract upgrade has finally been released by @statemindio, and we can’t wait to bring Arrakis to the next level!

In order to stay at the frontier of the DeFi space, R&D is a key element of our strategies and growth. We constantly explore new areas of research and have regular discussions to raise the level of understanding and awareness of the entire Arrakis team. Just recently, we touched upon the subject of Avellaneda & Stoikov’s market-making strategy, and how to optimize the executions of PALM when running several vaults for the same pair simultaneously across networks. We also plan to present our research to our community as well in the future.

Lastly we wanted to mention that we will be attending ETHDenver, and will have the coolest and comfiest socks in town, so if you want to meet us and chat LPing feel free to ping us on Discord

That’s a wrap for this issue of The Fremen Bi-Weekly. The market seems to be turning around for the better, and we are going to release a lot more cool things to keep you busy!

Arrakis is a protocol that builds trustless market making infrastructure & strategies on Uniswap V3.

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