Optimism Liquidity Mining

We are excited to announce that Arrakis is collaborating with Optimism to bring deep liquidity to Uniswap V3! A total of 1,000,000 OP will be distributed. Phase 1 which starts now and lasts for the next 3 weeks will distribute 67,500 OP Tokens.

Arrakis is excited to have deployed pools to deepen the liquidity of Uniswap V3 on Optimism. The first Phase of this liquidity mining program will run for 3 weeks, the pools that will be incentivized are the following:

USDC-USDT 0.01% - Vault Link
USDC-WETH 0.05% - Vault Link
USDC-wstETH 0.05% - Vault Link
USDT-wstETH 0.05% - Vault Link
WETH-wstETH 0.01% - Vault Link
WBTC-wstETH 0.05% - Vault Link
WBTC-WETH 0.05% - Vault Link
DAI-USDC 0.01% - Vault Link
DAI-WETH 0.05% - Vault Link

Each pool will receive an equal amount of OP, with the exact amount of OP per pool being 7,500 for the 3 week period.

After this 3 week period the data will be analyzed and thereafter a phase 2 period will begin. We will further announce what sort of rewards will be provided for Phase 2.

We have optimized these vaults for this 3 week period, enjoy the rewards, choose your LP pools wisely and have fun!

Arrakis is a protocol that builds trustless market making infrastructure & strategies on Uniswap V3.

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