What is MedCred?

MedDAO Review

Before diving in we wanted to provide a quick refresher on who we are and how we are structured:

What is MedDAO?

MedDAO is a distributed medical knowledge network that will offer an exponentially greater degree of interaction and interconnection between healthcare providers, patients and other stakeholders. Our mission is to create a decentralized global community and protocol with the primary aim of distributing medical knowledge without boundaries, barriers or intermediaries. Our goal is to drive adoption and awareness of decentralized healthcare, or healthcare 3.0. This goal will be achieved through the collective participation of our community of healthcare providers, patients and industry partners (legal, technology, research, etc.).

MedDAO’s Baseplate Structure

*WG- Working Group
*WG- Working Group

At the highest level MedDAO is made up of the superDAO (MedDAO), subDAOs (e.g. Neurosx subDAO, Pediatrics subDAO, etc.) and Working Groups (e.g. Marketing WG, Developers WG, etc.).  This structure allows the community to more efficiently organize knowledge silos, allowing the proper knowledge specialization to complete the work most suited to those specific community members.  The purpose of subDAOs is to organize MedDAO members to optimize the DAO’s interactions with patients, companies, and any other medical knowledge or data seekers, providing value to those parties.  SubDAOs can either be credentialed healthcare providers or aligned MedDAO members, for example a group of neurosurgeons could form their own credential-required subDAO; however, breast cancer survivors could also form their own subDAO to act as a digital support group or even allow industries and providers to engage with and/or benefit from their collective experiences.

SubDAOs run independently, but work together to allow the superDAO (MedDAO) as a whole to function in its most meaningful and impactful way. Each subDAO inherently possesses its own agency and knowledge domains that must be given full autonomy to function optimally.

MedCred Introduction

MedDAO’s goal has always been to build more efficient methods of distributing medical knowledge and we believe the key to realizing higher efficiencies comes from organization.  MedCred is our solution to organize MedDAO community members based on their medical knowledge specialties.  At outset our MedCred V1 (minimum viable product) will credentialize medical practitioners based on their own knowledge bases, or subspecialties as they’re known to the medical world; however, as access to medical data continues to improve, we fully expect to allow patients, medical industry participants, and all others who have their own medical knowledge to create their own credentials based upon their own unique knowledge set. However, MedCred is just the first step to accomplishing our ultimate vision.

As previously mentioned, MedCred will allow for community members to self organize based on their own specialties and ultimately allow them to form their own self-governing subDAOs. Once organized, these subDAOs can get to work, utilizing MedDAO’s pre-built use cases, such as the Knowledge Request Module, or building out their own use cases, benefitting from the ability to leverage and partner with the other community members and working groups of MedDAO.

MedCred V1 Overview

Can also be found at https://docs.meddao.xyz/tokenomics/medcred
Can also be found at https://docs.meddao.xyz/tokenomics/medcred

MedCred is a non-transferable NFT issued by the MedDAO Administrative Function.  At a high level, for MedCred V1, MedDAO is performing a bank-grade Know Your Customer (KYC) check, to ensure that the person obtaining a MedCred V1 is who they say they are and running that KYC’d name against the CMS’s National Provider Identifier (NPI) number database, ensuring current medical licensure.  Once verified and name matched, the MedDAO administrative function’s smart contract mints the proper non-transferable NFT (see the NFTs here) based on the user’s subspecialty.  Finally, the MedCred V1 holder can now present their credential at guild.xyz/meddao granting them access to their own subspecialties role.  This subspecialty role admits access into new discord channels as well as other MedDAO community platforms/pages (e.g. Notion Wiki, Dework for Knowledge Requests, etc.).

Steps to Obtain MedCred

  1. Complete MedCred V1 Application Form

  2. Using the Persona link sent to your email, complete the KYC process

  3. Upon approval (may take 1-3 business days) you will receive an email letting you know that MedCred V1 has been minted to your wallet

  4. Go to guild.xyz/meddao, connect your wallet holding MedCred V1 and select your  subspecialty to be granted your new Discord role.

Future States of MedCred

At onset, in order to establish product market fit, MedDAO has elected to utilize existing tools to complete the verification and minting steps involved with MedCred V1; however, if successful we intend to make significant user experience and backend improvements to allow for a more efficient and simplified process.

In the future, we hope to allow MedCred to represent certification of anything a subDAO defines. For example, a MedCred NFT can be issued to patients who have received spinal surgeries in a spinal surgery patient subDAO.  Additionally, MedCred is only currently available in the U.S. due to the challenges surrounding the verification of doctors’ licensure status and subspecialty outside of the U.S.  However, we hope to build out a more global solution to align with MedDAO’s global aspirations.

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