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Introducing Hero DAO and Moon Rock.
January 18th, 2022

Hero DAO was summoned in February 2021 with the goal of creating a community owned superhero franchise.

The back story

Onboarding people to crypto is never easy. To many, the general appeal of new and open financial tools isn’t even that attractive. One of the most common things we’ve heard from friends and family when we try to teach them what is possible is: But what’s the point? 

We believe that DAOs, and the empowerment they give to collective ownership organizations, are a killer use case for crypto. We think having something to point at in the physical world, that millions of people already enjoy like superheroes and associated media, but with a crypto twist will do wonders for answering that question for our friends and family.

But why use a DAO to own a media franchise?

  • Decentralized ownership means we can easily reward contributors for supporting our missions, with funds as well as ownership shares in the DAO.
  • The community gets to vote on what happens next, and when votes succeed, decisions are automatically executed without human intervention. Whereas in traditional organizations, we have to rely on people to carry out the things we decide according to their own interpretation of the decisions.
  • Fundraising from the community is easy, similar to crowdfunding tools like kickstarter, except supporters control the future products and decisions made along the way.
  • “Ragequit” functionality so individuals can quit the DAO any time they want and take a pro rata percentage of the treasury with them according to how many shares they have.

Stick it to The Mouse 🐭

The Mouse owns too much. No one company should control so many of the things we all watch and the media we consume.

A huge chart showing hundreds of media companies owned by Disney. Credit: TitleMax
A huge chart showing hundreds of media companies owned by Disney. Credit: TitleMax

While companies like Disney started humbly with entertainment, the amassing of all major media companies into a few monopolies has become an Orwellian nightmare.

On top of stifling creativity, the largest media monopolies have imposed unfair working conditions and pay onto their employees, which has led to several strikes of comic book and other creatives across the industry in recent years. Employees at major franchises like Marvel or DC are not paid fairly and see little benefit from the billions of dollars that the owning companies rake in off of their labor.

Disney owns most of the highest grossing films ever, and the distribution of even more.
Disney owns most of the highest grossing films ever, and the distribution of even more.

Moon Rock

Moon Rock is a digital token created to connect the different parts of the Hero DAO ecosystem, align incentives, and encourage a clear rewards system for contributors. Moon Rock is like tickets in an arcade, that you win for participating or playing games, and then can redeem for great prizes. The total amount of Moon Rock that can exist is capped at 1B. The majority of Moon Rock is held without vesting by the DAO on Gnosis Chain, to be used for LP incentives, marketing, contributor rewards, etc., as the DAO sees fit.

The Moon Rock airdrop can be accessed and claimed here on mainnet:

Token addresses:
Gnosis Chain: 0x481D6104761442F162d1f7AC3DC6F98896e7A4ef
Mainnet: 0x449bad9985111494a470acd9b3ae3d7222e53d35

Claiming will be open for 6 months on mainnet, and then all unclaimed tokens will be moved to Gnosis Chain, where the same amount can be claimed for another 6 months. This gives everyone a chance to claim without high gas fees, but without all the early benefits. After that, all unclaimed tokens will go directly to the DAO treasury, where we can vote to keep or burn them.

What’s next

In 2021, Hero DAO voted to make Moon Girl our inaugural superhero. Trashman lost out by just a few votes and will likely be the second character in the Hero DAO Universe. The first issue, Moon Girl Issue #1, will be out in early 2022, with several more issues to follow.

Moon Girl illustration by Brandon Palas, for Hero DAO's first comic book.
Moon Girl illustration by Brandon Palas, for Hero DAO's first comic book.

The ambition is to turn Hero DAO into an entire superhero franchise, with dozens of unique characters (two currently under development), each with their own origin stories and direction, movies (work in progress), licensing of other products (work in progress), and other media spin-offs. Eventually we hope this will be a complete studio creating works of cultural significance, while being owned by its fans and the creatives who make it possible.

Let’s build a comic book. Let’s build a franchise.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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